Sunday 28 August 2011

Am I being too fussy?

Thank you Pick n Pay for contacting me about the issue below. Because you cared, because you phoned, because you addressed my concerns, because you asked my opinion I continue to shop with you.

I don't think so and I don't think many of you will either.

I shop in Pick n Pay, a large South African supermarket chain, there's not alot of competition.

Whenever I shop I take my own bags which seems to throw the staff (recycling isn't like the UK here) and everytime I have to ask them to put the raw meet in a seperate bag and everytime I greeted with a look of Why?

I have no say in my bags being packed, it's a service all the supermarkets provide. I'd rather have the trolley unloaded and do my own packing, but hey, that's just me.

So today rather than ask/argue/takwe the bag and do it myself, I requested the shopping was put into the trolley and I'd pack in the car.

So carefully lifting out the heavier items, coke, wine, tins, to go first of the belt, followed by the crisps after the veg, I thought I'm onto something here.

The heavier items are replaced after scanning into the bottom of the trolley and the lighter stuff is put on top.

Then using a paper tissue I picked up the meat, which was leaking, it always leaks, placed it on the belt, handed over a plastic bag and requested she put the meat straight into the bag as it was leaking.

Simple task? NOT

the meat is slid down the belt, handeled, passed to the bag packer who to my horror placed it on top of the trolley, on the cakes and the bananas. Quickly I snatched it, shoved it into the plastic bag and asked her to get some more cakes and banans, not contaminated with raw meat.


Food poisioning.

As I left the shop, the counter wasn't wiped, I told the woman behind me in the queue there was raw meat on the conveyor belt, she shrugged.

And so my battle continues.