Tuesday 30 August 2011

What were you thinking?

When I was pregnant with my 1st child I decided if he was a boy I'd call him Benjamin, went I went into labour my mum said she couldn't wait for little Benji to be born, and on that note I called him James, the chosen middle name. Thankfully I didn't have a girl as the chosen name was Lucy, which also happened to be the name on the yellow sanitary bin at Hereford Hospital.

When my second son was born he had no name for 3-4 days, I called him Daniel, after Ken Barlows son in Corrie, cos I kept hearing the name and I liked it.

My 3rd child was going to be Alex, whether a girl or a boy.

I've been upping my internet profile and joined several other online support groups and been following a fair few numbers of blogs and what I've noticed is the ridiculous amount of what I consider to be stupid names for children, names that I feel age a child, names that although different are the same different as everyone else they will grow up with.

So how did you chose your child's* name and why?

*probably best you don't mention the childs name unless you're happy to hear what others have to say on it.