Tuesday 6 September 2011

Seriously? You've NOT met the Queen

and many other things.

I went to get my hair done today and in that environment people do like to have a natter don't they? That's half the experience of getting your hair done.

'Nope, I've never even seen the Queen, but I once saw Lady Di' at York Rugby Club the year before she married Charles, they landed in a helicopter and walked round the ground, waving and promoting some charity, I was 10/11 and at the time not really that interested.

'I've not been on the London Eye, or in buckingham Palace, or seen the changing of the guards, or been in the Tower of London, but I've been to Wembley, Millenium Stadium for football, rugby and concerts. I've climbed Snowdon and jumped on Hadrians Wall, walked Offa's Dyke.'

'You see' as I explained to the lovely people in the hair dressers. 'When people say they're from the UK, that doesn't always mean London, it's actually quite a big place.

Unless you've ever travelled to the UK, then all there is, is London.

A year ago when we were asked to move to South Africa I thought Johannesburg was the capital, but since I've lived here, I now know better.