Wednesday 6 August 2014

Cape Town to Hermanus

Cape Town to Hermanus

First stop was a short walk to collect the car rental and then a long wait for the teenager to get ready and we set off in the direction of Hermanus, making numerous stops along the way for photographs, snacks and toilet stops. Hoping to see Penguins and Whales.

 Bettys Bay didn't disappoint us with the penguins on the rocks, there is a small R10 charge per person and wooden walkways to allow you to view the birds in their natural habitat. We got drenched in the rain and sleet. It was too windy for umbrellas.

 Ok Guys, I'll count, you hide.

OK don't panic, we did, this isn't an oil spill or contamination, it's river water. The staining occurs naturally due to humid acids and tannins found in the fynbos soils.

There was way too much to see at Hermanus to stop and focus cameras and stare through a lens out to see, there were Whales, sky hopping and breaching, bodies high out the water. one over here, another over there, tails waving, it was a  very busy and the bay was full. I did manage to take a couple of pics, but you need a good eye with the first one to spot the tail.

I'm thankful that the teenager is into photography, he spent the 1st 36 hours in the hotel. As he keeps reminding me, he had a 12 hour flight to reach South Africa then another 28 hours by train to get to Cape Town and he is supposed to be on his UK summer holidays.

 Rock Dassie
We finished off our last night in Cape Town with burgers on the waterfront.

Today we are driving to Table Mountain. The cable car is closed for annual maintenance, but there are still some fab views of the City to be seen, next will be over Chapman's Peak, before heading to the airport for a 2 hour flight home at 7pm.

We will beck in Pretoria till Sunday am, when we head north in the car for an 8 hour drive to St Lucia, on the coast, just below Mozambique, for a weeks stay. This trip hubby and Bob the dog will be joining us.

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