Tuesday 5 August 2014

My top tips for visiting Cape Town

In my opinion it is essential to never leave your hotel with the following items. I've also added toilet roll and hand sanitiser to my ruck sack along with a couple of snacks and drinks.

Walking boots
Coin purse, keep this in your pocket as you will often require small change but don't want to keep getting your purse out your bag.
Cape Town Red Bus Ticket and Map

Take a photo of the departure times of the Red Bus when you get off so you know what time to return for the next bus. But make sure you are then looking at the right photo, unlike me who missed 2 buses until I realised my error.

I've been to Cape Town on previous occasions and never thought to check if all the attractions were open in the winter. The Table Mountain Cableway is closed due to annual maintenance, but with this weather I'm beginning to suspect they've actually taken the mountain away.

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