Thursday 25 December 2014

Christmas in Dubai

I can confirm that Christmas does happen in Dubai, yet life goes on as normal at the same time.

The decorations are up, the christmas music is playing, only interrupted by the call for prayer, staff are wearing santa hats, there are adverts for christmas gifts, the coffee shops are selling the festive drinks and the sun is shining.

I ordered new tags for the animals on tuesday and was informed they would be ready for collection on thursday. The builder made an appointment to come round to price up the repairs to our villa, this afternoon at 4.30pm. It's a full working week, there is no pubic holiday.

It doesn't feel like christmas, despite decorating the hotel room and putting presents around the tree.

It is festive, we are used to christmas being a hot and sunny day having lived in South Africa for 4 years, maybe it's because the kids are older now (26, 25, 22, 19, 15) maybe it's because we don't currently have a home because we are relocating. I've no idea, no plans and more importantly no upset for what today may or may not bring.

We'll pop out tomorrow to the dog and cat, buy food for a picnic and head to the beach for an hour or two, then we have to pop to the pet shop to collect the new tags and then maybe dinner at the Marina.

It's going to be different, thats for sure, but it doesn't mean it is wrong, or sad, or anything else for that matter other than how we choose to spend our christmas this year.

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