Tuesday 2 December 2014

Express VPN Trial

On moving to South Africa in 2011 we rented a furnished apartment which included DSTV and on channel 120 we discovered BBC Entertainment. Within a few months we had tired of constant reruns of 'Keeping up Appearances' and after 4 years we know every answer on 'Who wants to be a Millionaire' 2001-2002.

As a family we all enjoy sport and you can't fault DSTV for their sports coverage, especially the football including the 3pm Saturday kick offs. The films are very good, but TV series aren't advertised and we often miss the first couple of episodes, despite there being a catch up channel, it only allows access to the last episode.

We were unable to watch TV programmes on the internet as it was equivalent to dial up speed and would take several hours to 'buffer' before playing the programme and we only had 9GBs a month allowance.

4 years on the speed has improved, the allowance has raised to 50GB a month and the kids have left home. I've been watching a lot of British TV series on You tube, but due to broadcasting rights, I often get half way through a series to discover 'content removed'

I was very pleased to be offered a year's free trial of Express VPN via Tots100. As a SAH(M) the TV is a very good friend of mine and I find I work a lot better with 'audible wallpaper' on in the background. I've been without my car more often than not and living in South Africa, public transport just isn't an option so I've been spending endless days at home, on my own.

I downloaded the software onto an old laptop that I use for internet access only and via a USB cable I've connected it to the main TV, so hubby and I can watch TV together in the evenings. We also like to keep up with the British news but find Sky TV more of a magazine style programme and BBC World Service doesn't go into enough detail. The other news channels are American, such as CNN.

We move to Dubai next month and have been visiting this week to familiarise ourselves with the country and customs. The trouble we have watching TV online in South Africa is that the internet is very slow compared to some other countries and constantly 'buffers' during the programmes.
In Dubai the internet is faster, more reliable and it was easier to watch On Demand programmes and the internet is unlimited over there compared to being capped here.

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