Saturday 20 February 2016

Week 7 - One Daily Positive and Project 366

It's been a strange week, having gone from being on my own, to Peter returning from seeing the family in the UK and the mixed emotions of being pleased for him and the kids and being jealous of the time they got to spend together, through to the sad news of the death of a friend and other friends arriving for a long weekend with their children.

Sunday Day 45 ‪#‎onedailypositive‬ ‪#‎project366‬ this is Dubai people, you need a licence to purchase and consume alcohol here and you can only transport it from the store to home, certainly not allowed to drink it in the streets. I found this bottle by the side of the road, outside the school where I work today. It's not just the fact it's alcohol, but that so many people litter as much as they do. On a positive note Peter is home from his travels tomorrow and I'm on top of my game with paperwork.

My Sunday Photo this week is yet another photo of the Burj Khalifa, this time from the beach.

Monday Day 46 ‪#‎onedailypositive‬ ‪#‎project366‬ Peter is home from the UK and brings with him gifts from the family.

Tuesday Day 47 ‪#‎onedailypositive‬ ‪#‎project366‬ I was majorly fed up on my drive home this afternoon that I stopped at the beach for a walk, was feeling slightly better by the time I got home 2 hours later and decided I'd have a G&T in case the foul mood reared its ugly head again.

Animal Tales this week involved the cat and the washing machine incident and how encounters with 2 stray cats unsettled me for different reasons.

Wednesday Day 48 ‪#‎onedailypositive‬ ‪#‎project366‬ I received upsetting news today about the sudden death of someone I used to call a very good friend. I've done a lot of crying today. But there was a positive and the timing couldn't have been better, friends arrived for the weekend laden with their full duty free allowance and these beautiful flowers.

Thursday Day 49 ‪#‎onedailypositive‬ ‪#‎project366‬ lots of positives today as I wandered round the souks with @mulledred and family and a lovely lunch on the creek and fish and chips for supper at home. But especially for this boy who's IPad was successfully recovered from T1 after he left it in his seat pocket on his flight in from Saudi yesterday.

HDYGG involved a stroll on the beach, I was surprised at how much vegetation there is on it.

Friday Day 50 ‪#‎onedailypositive‬ ‪#‎project366‬ ‪#‎brunch‬ @westindubai ‪#‎bubbalicious‬ food and company were fab, but I felt like I was a plus 1 at a wedding. I'm not a big fan of spending that much money and then having to fetch my own food and drinks. My first (& probably) last brunch in Dubai.

Saturday Day 51 #onedailypositive #project366 the weather is perfect in Dubai at this time of year for a wander down the road to the beach and just sit for a while.


  1. So sorry for you loss. I hope you're ok. Hope you had a great time with your friends x

    1. thank you, we had a lovely weekend, and another friend arriving on friday

  2. So sorry to hear about your friend, that must have come as a shock. It looks like you had a good time with your friends. It's good to hear that the weather is actually perfect right now. How long until it gets too hot again?

    1. weather is warming up quickly, it'll be ok to mid march, already using the air con when doing housework

  3. So sorry to hear about your friend.

    Must have been nice to have your friends visit though.

    Your pictures of Dubai make me want to visit again!