Sunday 4 February 2018

Dear xceltic3 Dan. Am I posting too much stuff online?

Hi Dan

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog posts recently. I'd like to thank you for showing such an interest in my blog and taking time to comment and sticking me with for so long. After all, I've been rabbiting on for almost 9 years now.

But you've got me thinking though about whether I share too much stuff online as I don't know who are you but you seem to have been reading my blog posts for quite a while, especially as you commented about my completing my Open University course and the time we spent in South Africa.

I must say it did cause me a bit of alarm, put me on the back foot. There's photo's of me and family on here and I'm sure it wouldn't take long for anyone to actually find me at any given point in time.

I started a while ago to only post pictures when I was travelling of places after I'd left the area on social media, now I'm wondering if I should stop checking into places also, or saying in advance where I'm planning on travelling to and when.

I get quite a few comments on my blog from strangers, people I've never met and a fair few number of likes on other Social Media accounts, but I can always reply, I can click on their name and even if their google account is new and unused I can usually find theme on twitter or someone else in the blogging community, especially in the linkys, will know who are they are.

But Dan. I've drawn a blank with you. I can't place you anywhere, you don't exist online anywhere with the name you use on google comment. I have a feeling I may actually know you. Often people who comment anonymously, will sign off with their twitter handle.

I'm wondering now should I be posting less personal stuff, less photo's, you've unnerved me, it's probably not your intention, but it would be great if you could/would identify yourself just to put my mind at rest please.




  1. Hey Suzanne!

    Wow a whole blog post just for me, thank you! (lol @ help me find dan tag)

    I don't think you share too much online -- in my experience, people who overshare almost never get to that point of self-awareness or self-examination. I don't even read a lot of blogs because now-a-days a lot of it is just engineered or for-profit.

    I know about OU because I was looking at it myself so I was interested to see how someone else had a similar dilemma as me and what happened. It wasn't 9 years though, maybe last year or so?

    I don't do a lot of social media because a lot of it made me feel very (very!) anxious and depressed. I study, check if there's a new movie, write an e-mail or two but I simplified my life. I never spoke to you until that post and that's really the truth!

    You know, if I had bad intentions, I wouldn't make such a loud entrance and announce my ~presence~, would I? I just said hi, it was spontaneous only cos I questioned my whole expat life before like yourself (and expats and their pecking order) and through time and sacrifice, things were less and less bleak.

    Take care!

    xceltic3 Dan

    1. i don't know if you pop back to read replies to comments, hence why i wrote this post. I write my blog to get interactions and to meet new people with similar interests online as living as an expat can be quite an isolating experience at times. I didn't think you had bad intentions, it just got me thinking how lucky i have been to date by not attracting a stalker already lol

  2. I must admit I never post I am going away on holiday until I am back, Obe of the reasons there is not a huge amount of stuff on my instagram, seems less instant a week later. I worry from that point if you are broken into the insurance company may query a claim if I had to make one.
    I just make sure I dont over share the children and older grandchildren more so because their story is their's to tell not mine.

    1. that's how i feel about a lot fo stuff going on in my life, it's what other people are doing that affect me, but it's their story to tell, not mine