Saturday, 13 July 2019

One Daily Positive - Week 28

I've decided not to mention on Project 365 when I'm feeling ill as it's quite depressing to realise it's 90% of the time, so from now on, when I'm pain free, I'll let you know.

Please also assume that it is bloody hot here and humid, we're on the coast. It is NOT a dry heat. In the UK winters you have a windchill factor, In Dubai it's called humidex and it adds 10-15c to the actual temperature.

Think opening the door to a fan assisted oven, with the heating on full blast, all the clothing on you own and a hairdryer on the back of your neck and you're somewhere near just how hot it is here.

On Tuesday it turned 28c to 53c, it's just not possible to function in that heat dripping with sweat. I'll let you know when temps drop to 'manageable'

188 Sunday Walked Bob before sunrise, the humidity is unbearable now. I did some batch cooking and cleaned the house top to bottom. Joined Peter for a coffee and did some shopping, then spent the evening watching TV.

Can't wait for this station to open and I get get around Dubai by public transport.

189 Monday Dentists for mouldings to have 3 teeth made, which will be inserted into the dental implant posts next week. Drove onto Deira to wander around the markets, home to collect Peter and drop him at the train for his trip to Saudi and called in for a coffee with a friend in the Marina.

190 Tuesday Dog park day, washed Bob and started on sorting out the office. Had a really funny day, nothing happened, but I left the dog park in tears. I've been mulling over the dog incident on Saturday and been having flashbacks to the night my father died 2 years ago on Thursday. I came to terms with his death, it wasn't a shock that he died, just the manner and sitting with him feeling so helpless, just waiting for the inevitable. Spent the afternoon dismantling the old MFI furniture and organising the study.

191 Wednesday I had a Doctors appointment, identifying I needed some help, a lot of questions were asked and answers given. Grief is one thing, but trauma is another and it was strangely comforting for me to be told I'd experienced a traumatic event. Had coffee at the Souk Madinat, then off to collect a prescription, food shop and home to sort out the black out curtains. pub quiz in the evening.

192 Thursday Peter arrived home in the early hours. Had a sweep through of the house and put the rugs back in place, cooked a roast dinner, mainly in the slow cooker. Went for a swim late afternoon.
Peter came home from work with a coffee for me as he knew I wasn't allowed to drive today, until I knew how the meds would affect me.

193 Friday Brunch with friends, it involved dancing on the tables, the morning and evening were written off.

194 Saturday Decided to spend the day walking around Dubai Mall. It's the World's largest mall. All the malls are built/owned/designed by only a few companies, therefore they all look pretty much the same with the same stores, just a different layout. Finally got round to booking car hire and a hotel in Sydney ready for my trip to visit child 3 in 10 days time.

On the blog this week:

How can I manage my stress levels and not take everything to the nth degree?

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  1. Lately I haven't been able to cope with the heat in the UK. I would be no use in Dubai.
    Oh wow! That station is really coming along. I remember you sharing photos a while ago of it when there wasn't much to it.
    The marina looks packed and the buildings behind huge.
    So sorry you had a bad day on Tuesday! Sending hugs!
    hahaha! Go you! I've not danced on a table in years. x

    1. I'm used to the heat now but I don't like it. Station should be open March next year. The Marina has probably doubled in size since we've been here as well. Feel much better this week, talking/blogging does help

  2. Phew, I struggle with anything over 24C, so I'd be terrible over your direction. Hope the new teeth op goes well

  3. So sorry to hear about the trauma and the flashbacks to your father's death. I hope the new teeth work out well for you. As the others have said, I find a UK heatwave hard enough, so I can't begin to imagine how you function in that heat.

    1. thank you Sarah, teeth will be finished on wednesday

  4. Sorry to hear about the trauma - it seems obvious now looking back on it I guess, but it's good to have someone recognise it. The heat sounds horrific - I never understand people who envy you living in Dubai.

    1. Thank you, there is little pleasure in being able to see the sea and it being too hot to walk on the sand

  5. Oh my goodness, I can't even begin to imagine how unbearable that level of heat must be! Fingers crossed things start to look up for you soon x

    1. thank you, I travel in and out of Dubai during the summer and go out early to avoid the mid day sun

  6. Dealing with trauma on one's own is horrible, hopefully now that it's recognised it will help. I don't know how you can cope with that type of heat - we always complain about the rain but really this is probably easier to manage athan such heat...

  7. Oh goodness that heat must be unbelievably. I hope things start to improve for you soon. Big hugs xx