Tuesday 8 October 2019

Who am I?

I see it's the 'in thing' now to change social media names to real names. It makes sense if your twitter handle or blog name relates to having a young family but things move on, babies grow and you may no longer be a 'mummy of 1' or a '2 tweens and a tortoise.

I picked a name that made me and my social media anonymous, Chickenruby. Quite simple, back in 2009 we had a chicken, her name was Ruby. I'm no longer anonymous online, my family and friends discovered social media.

My real name is Suzanne, but online I'm all things Chickenruby. My blog, twitter, instagram, facebook. I have other accounts #OneDailyPositive which is set aside for my Project 365, that I've been doing since 2015 and @Letters_home on twitter, that I set up to be a little more hidden online, but everyone found me.

I'm married to Peter, we have 5 adult children between us.

We are a blended/step family. Our children give permission for their photos to be used, but they are allocated numbers rather than using their names. One of our kids and his now wife were approached in the town where my mother lives by a friend of mine who asked them if they were 4 and 4a, which was quite funny.

All 7 of us in 2003.

Child 1 is 31, she is profoundly disabled and lives in a care home. We send regular letters, gifts and visit her whenever we're in the UK. She no longer comes home to stay the night with us, we visit her home and take her out locally.

Child 2 is 30 and he is married to 2a and they have 2b, our first grandchild, a girl, born in 2019.

Child 3 is 27 and he lives in Australia.

Child 4 is 24 and he is married to 4a, they live in Northern Ireland.

Child 5 is 20 and he lives in the UK.

The last time all 7 of us were together in 2017.

Both our mothers are alive and well, we have 1 sister each and my niece is mother to The Things I often talk about online, my great nephews. Thing 1, the eldest and I are big Dr Seuss fans, hence the blog names.

I'm from South Wales, Peter is from Manchester, he supports Utd and I'm a Bluenose, Birmingham City fan. We've both moved frequently around the UK and settled in Worcestershire in 2002 after we got married. In a former life I was a teacher. Peter works in food and beverage.

In 2011 we started our expat journey to South Africa for 4 years, then relocated to Dubai 5 years ago.

In 2020 I am relocating back to the UK with the cat, dog and half our furniture to live in our former family home and Peter will be moving into an apartment in Dubai Marina. We will commute between the two countries until he retires in 2-3 years time.

I'll try anything once, currently my hobbies include swimming, dog walking, cycling and most recently I started going ice skating once a week. I love to travel, on my own or visiting family and friends in South Africa, Egypt, UK, Ireland and Australia. I've spent 110 hours in a plane this year alone

So that's it really. Not much else to tell, other than I play the clarinet, am the proud owner of a Blue Peter badge and I hate Olives.

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