Friday 17 July 2020

Post Comment Love 17th -19th July 2020

Fingers crossed I'll know by the start of next week if my husband can come over to the UK for a visit. he has to get permission to return to Dubai at the end of his visit here, which is proving tricky at the moment as he needs a letter from the owner of the company in the UAE.

I'm still on track to return to Dubai the end of August for 3 weeks, having (hopefully) secured pet sitters. My visa will expire if I don't return soon and I really need to see my dentist for maintenance on my dental implants. My permission to return to Dubai has been granted, however I will need to reapply as I applied too early and it's only valid for 21 days.

Both Peter and I will follow the rules for quarantine. Peter will spend 2 weeks in isolation in the UK after I collect him from Heathrow. My only time outside the house will be spent walking the dog and I'll happily have social distanced visits in our garden. On his return to Dubai there is screening, followed by a Covid test and isolation for 48 hours until the results come back. If all clear Peter can then carry on his normal day to life. These measures will also apply to me in reverse.

I've felt a bit in limbo this week due to all the variables and relying on others to confirm things etc. It's out of my control. Also to ensure I can go back to Dubai, I will be going back into isolation in 2 weeks, when my mother goes home, I'm also missing the quieter and simpler life I had when no one is making any demands on my time.

Stephanie and I would love to know what you've been up to this week.

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