Friday 11 September 2020

11th - 13th September 2020 - Post Comment Love

Welcome back to the UK. The weather certainly is different, sunny and warm, but not hot. At least I can sit outside and I've returned to an overgrown garden that will keep me occupied for my 2 weeks isolation.

I arranged a food shop to be delivered for the day after I got back and my neighbour and good friend has said she'll drop off anything I need during this period. The cat and dog were pleased to see me, they've been looked after by a friend of a friend for 10 days, child 5 for a week and child 2 and his family for a weekend, over seen by a close friend and neighbour who did the last few days. Poor Bob can't understand why we're not going out for walks though.

I know a lot of people who are ignoring the isolation period after returning from a holiday. Dubai was much nicer in terms of how covid is being handled and I felt much more comfortable there going out and about than I do in the UK. I had to have a covid negative test to be able to fly out of Dubai.

Dubai put social distancing measures into place early March and closed schools at the same time, it felt similar to that again this trip. They had curfews, mask and glove wearing was compulsory even outdoors and alone in your car, but this has been relaxed now, just mask wearing and social distancing when you're indoors, which in Dubai, due to it being summer means for your entire visit to the malls unless you're seated having food and/or drink. You are still to wear mask though when outdoors in populated areas, such as the car parks and several tourist spots. It was hot, but not uncomfortable.

I've a few other jobs to keep me busy, such as repainting the internal doors as my husband had rehung them to fit properly after having new carpets and painting the new wood on the shed, both inside and out. I've plenty of time to be doing it all before the next task ahead which is unpacking our belongings which are expected to arrive late October/early November, before I return to Dubai for the winter.

Stephanie and I would love to know what you've been up to this week.


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  1. We seem to be going backwards here in the UK don't we? I don't think it will be long before everything starts to close again and we are prisoners again at this rate. So frustrating.

    1. Sadly we can't rely on common sense these days, if the government were to enforce the rules like Dubai do, there would be anarchy