Wednesday 30 September 2020

A hotel stay with a dog - Travelodge

After 2 weeks in isolation and with summer drifting away rapidly, I decided to grab the opportunity to go away for a couple of nights with Bob to the beach.

Looking for dog friendly accommodation as it was too cold to camp, I struggled to find anything for less than a weeks stay. So I decided to contact a couple of hotel chains.

I initially booked to stay at Days Inn in Bridgend, but they went into lockdown. I didn't realise Travelodge allowed dogs to stay over night and you can add then to your booking online under 'extras' at £20 per stay.

Bob was a little confused about being indoors, but soon walked straight to our room as I wasn't allowed to leave him unattended so we have a couple of trips to the car to bring in bags, food bowls and his bed.

I had to put his water bowl in the bathroom as the rest of the room is carpeted

Bob was more than happy to sleep by the side of my bed

Although every single noise had him up and by the door to see what was going on, mind you, I rarely sleep in a hotel room with all the activity going on.

We spent a fab two days on the beach, social distancing and walking around 8 miles each day. 

I brought my now towels with me to wash Bob and I did clean the bath afterwards as I needed to use it myself.

I wasn't able to leave Bob unattended in the hotel room so I had to put him in the car when I went to the local supermarket as there wasn't anywhere suitable outside to leave him. There was also no where to let him go to the toilet or just have some time off lead. Early mornings on the industrial estate were fine for a quick run off lead but not so keen on walking those areas at night before bed.

Bob and I are new to travel within the UK together. He's originally from South Africa and has spent the past 5 years living in Dubai. 


  1. I didn't realise that Travel Lodge allowed dogs either. It sounds like you both had a lovely stay. x

    1. it was great being able to take Bob away for a few days

  2. I had no idea Travel Lodge allowed dogs, although I’m guessing there might be some sort of upper age limit. We can’t wait to take Zeph to the sea. Thanks for the heads up!

    1. 2 pets per room are allowed at a cost of £20 per stay

  3. Bob looks very contented by your bed. Hope you had fun together!

  4. Oh, hooray for Bob! We have traveled a bit with Tucker, but never to a hotel.