Friday 22 January 2021

22nd-24th January 2021 - Post Comment Love

Welcome back to this weeks #PoCoLo with Stephanie and I. Hope you've all had a good week and are settling into the new year. 

I've had a good week with hair dressers, nail bar, coffee, friends and precious time with Peter as I return to the UK next week and have no idea when I'll see him again. I am however in Abu Dhabi less than an hour from home, but staying in a hotel on my own as I'm in a bubble with the European Tour Production Team working on the sound with the HSBC Championship Golf.

It's definitely been different for the past few months. Everything has been different for a while, for everyone, worldwide. 

One of the biggest things I see people struggling with is the constant change and upheaval, last minute decisions and not understanding why and how to implement new rules and ways of life.

As expats for the past 10 years this has been a very common feeling for us, the unknown and the not knowing. The last minute changes and/or restrictions put upon us by others with no notice, explanation or support. 

I've linked up this week with 'How do I know what I don't know?' and the frustrations of navigating our life in 2 countries.

My biggest problem is switching between different cultures, laws and ways of doing things, but doing the same thing just in different countries. My latest issue is dealing with the medical aid company, it operates differently depending on the hospital, type of procedure and even down to how the medical specialist prefers payment. I know how to try and navigate how all this will work in the UK to continue treatment without adding to the stress on the NHS, whilst appreciating that most Private medical professionals in the UK work for the NHS also. I need regular blood tests and iron infusions. 

I need to remember how things work in the UK, the laws on shopping, going out, visiting others, bubbles, mask wearing (full time for me in and out) take out coffees, can I sit in the park to drink it or must I keep moving, can I sit in someones garden or talk over the garden fence.

How are you finding things here in the UK? Have you been abroad during covid? Do you have family living abroad and know how things are working for them? 

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