Sunday, 10 January 2021

The Dubai Metro Expo 2020 extension. Jebel Ali to Al Furjan.

3 years after I started documenting the construction of the Dubai Metro driverless train, the Expo2020 line opened on January 1st.

The journey between Jebel Ali and Al Furjan takes about six minutes and frequency will be 10 minutes at a rate of six trains per hour, with the route serving 4,176 riders per hour per direction. From Jebel Ali I can change to the main line and access the Marina, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Mall and the Airport within 10-40 minutes, or 5 mins towards Abu Dhabi for Ibn Battuta Mall. I can also access bus routes from the metro stations to the malls, medical centres, beauty salons, supermarkets as well as the beach, tourist attractions, the canal and ferry terminals and Old Dubai, the Creek and the Souks. Pretty much ALL of Dubai.

I prefer travelling by public transport, you see so much more interesting places to just stop off at get a great view of the ever changing city, meet some interesting people and best of all, it costs less than £1 to travel the length of the line in one go.

January 2018

January 2019

January 2020

January 2021

Looking back at where I've been taking my photographs from.

Inside Al Furjan Station


  1. What a cool structure! I like the shapes.

  2. It's an interesting design. I love how you capture the changes so beautifully. #MySUndayPhoto

  3. How exciting to see something being built and then riding on it. It looks so shiny and new. x

  4. I agree with Kim! It should have been exciting to ride the metro after documenting it for three years!

  5. The gold roof is rather fabulous. A very interesting structure. Must be good to ride the metro now it's running #mysundayphoto

  6. What a building that is, stunning. It's the stats of the trains too, 6 an hour serving 4,000 people is incredible.

    Thank you for linking up to #MySundayPhoto

  7. It looks amazing and £1 to ride the length of the line sounds like a bargain! It's great that the trains are so regular too.