Friday 19 March 2021

19th-21st March 2021 Post Comment Love. My motivation has returned.

Welcome back to PoCoLo with Stephanie from @lifeat139a and I. We're making sure between us we get round to reading, commenting and sharing the posts you link up each week and it's lovely seeing the community grow with regular contributors. Don't forget POST your blog, COMMENT on the hosts and one or two others and we'll share the LOVE.

I'm sure I'm not the only one, in fact I know I'm not, but I've found myself stuck in a loop again, back to staying in bed most of the day, not doing anything and lacking any motivation.

It's not all due to covid, it's part of my life as an expat that I've spoken about before and also the fact I have absolutely NO iron stores in my body and require 4 monthly infusions, which I had the 2nd part of this week. 

Although it takes several weeks for the levels to raise, it does alter my mood and this week I've made great advances in the garden, have completed all the paint and plaster touch ups and repairs after all the unpacking and having house sitters and I've thoroughly cleaned top to bottom.

I'm now back on a roll and planning my return to Dubai, I've got my blogging mojo back as I'm now doing more things so be prepared to be bored senseless with crafts and gardening posts.

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