Sunday 7 March 2021

The problem with before and after photos during construction

Trying to find a spot at the beginning of a construction project from where to take regular photos from is getting harder and harder due to the number of projects on the go in Dubai. The first project I started to document was the building of the Dubai Water Canal however within a few months, my view point was now the middle of the 120m wide and 12 m deep canal. So I've started to look for 'above' photo vantage points.

Recently I've been documenting a build in the UK on the old Qinetiq site in Malvern. Without realising the order of the build, I returned the other week to discover the view of the build is blocked already.

Well I can provide an updated photo of the view from above, easy. However I'd made an error of judgement....the weather. If I'd just looked out the kitchen window before I set off, I would have realised I couldn't see the Hills from the ground, therefore it was unlikely I'd see anything from being up there.


  1. Ah, weather. Spoiler of many a photo opportunity (though creator of many more as well!). Looks like a nice spot, even if you can't see the development.

  2. Impressive fog, for sure a spoiler!

  3. That is rubbish the weather spoiled your view but it just means you'll have to have another walk up there to take the photo. I bet the view is fantastic when it isn't foggy. x

    1. I was in the wrong place for the photo I wanted anyway

  4. Such a gorgeous photo, it may have spoilt the view but I love the fog.

    Thank you for linking up to #MySundayPhoto

  5. Whoops! The British weather is definitely an added complication, but it's a lovely photo of the landscape anyway.