Wednesday 10 November 2021

Sharing the highs and the lows and the in betweens.

I know a lot of people only post their achievements, use social media to show off/brag/highlight their successes. 

I know a lot of people who only post about things when they're depressed/in pain/when they want to complain.

I do both of the above, My weekly Project 365 posts are a mix of the above, from posting photos of things I've achieved to mentioning a migraine and the in between stuff such as running the cleaner around.

The 'in betweens' are the things my days are full of.

This week it's been about sorting out a tenant who handed the keys over a month early and I only found out when the council tax got involved so hours have been spent on the phone, sending emails and generally wondering what I pay rental agents for.

I've had urgent forms to sign 'in wet ink' I assume they mean not digitally signed, but I'm away from home, I need to find a printer (google is my friend here) thankfully I can scan and I happen to have an envelope and stamps on me to post back. I'm sure a postbox will be easy to find.

I wanted to get some photos printed. I found a handsfree booth, but it ran out of paper, then ran out of ink, I had to pay upfront so i couldn't just move to another printer. I came close to forfeiting my money and just walking away.

I attempted a simple task of buying an item of clothing, delivery would take over a week and in store delivery on the weekend. I found a store where I could get it within 2 days and got the day wrong and have to go back again to collect.

We're staying in an air b&b while visiting family. We've stayed in some lovely places. We've not been so lucky this time. It's clean (on the surface) it's well stocked but everything is old and tired apart from the new bathroom suite and carpet in the bedroom. The bedding, whilst smelling clean is old and tatty. It looks like someones gran has died and left them the house and they've just taken out her clothes, toiletries and personal items. There are half open bags of food in the freezer with a note to say we can help ourselves to anything.

I've already planned my review 'lovely to find a place that provides cleaning equipment so we can tidy as we go along' and ' well stocked with condiments, tea, coffee etc and fresh milk' and 'a lovely selection of books, tour guides and games' adding 'house lovely and warm and off road parking', dog friendly' We received a discount based on the fantastic reviews we've received. I've also taken photos so when (as no doubt will happen) cleaning fees are applied I can argue the toss that dirty tissues under the bed and debris in the kitchen drawers was not indicative of a pre covid clean.

There's other stuff going on I'm not ready to share, but for now it's dog walking, visits to the beach, coffees, lunches, washing up, cleaning up dog poo, trying to find enough change for the parking meter, wrapping Christmas gifts, writing letters and ensuring I'm tired enough at the end of the day to sleep all night.

It's sometimes difficult to write about the highs without 'showing off' It's difficult to write about the lows without sounding like one is just complaining and the in betweens often sound boring and mundane.

It's been a long time since I've had more in betweens than I've had highs and lows. In the past whilst living abroad and having kids at home, the in betweens used to be my lows, they're much easier to sort out now we're back in the UK full time.


  1. I think I share the highs and lows of my life on my blog and social media. I probably share more highs as I don't want to worry people with the lows. The in-between moments while some frustrating are good. I hope the tenant issue is all sorted now and that is a shame about the air B&B. x

    1. Thank you, hopefully the tenant issue will resolve itself next week

  2. Keep plodding on. Things work out in the end! Not sure you will find a postbox though. They have removed most of the ones where I live!

    1. finding a post box was actually easier than getting the documents printed

  3. I am with you in this in-between life!

  4. I can relate life is so up and down. Keep going x #pocolo

  5. I have to say I have never stayed in an AirBNB but I guess there are some not so good ones out there.
    I used to share a lot of the lows but unfortunately I have someone in my life that likes to use the lows to cause me issues so I am sharing less of those these days.


    1. we've had some great air b&bs but like with all accommodation it can vary