Tuesday 15 March 2022

Preparing the garden for spring

Last weekend I rewrapped the Bay Tree, rebuilt the green house, tided up the shed and planted more seeds.

I wasn't going to grow anything this year as we're having an extension built and a new shed/workshop so the back garden isn't really going to be useable for anything, but that doesn't stop me growing tomatoes and potatoes and herbs in pots at the front of the house which is in direct sunlight when the sun shines all year round.

I'm reusing these old dustbins from the days before whellie bins. Will buy soil conditioner/compost from the local tip to fill them up with.

The shed has been tidied but it will be moved so we can get the scaffolding in place for the roof and gutter repairs. I'll be able to access the front of the house through here.

The lawn needs mowing and edging.

The pots need moving to the front of the house, will wait till the shed is moved to save on distance carried.

I'm loving the look of the front garden, there's been nothing done to it over the winter, looking forward to planting out the hollyhocks I've been over wintering from seed in the conservatory and creating more of a cottage garden look at the front. Eventually we'll have a wall built along the front and the garden levelled,  but need to wait till all the building work is finished. 

We've also got Open Reach and Cadent (gas) threatening to dig up our garden to lay new cables/pipes.

I fancy a blossom tree and a magnolia to replace the large tree we had to cut down last year.

There's a lot of weeding that needs to be done and I fancy a little table and chair out the front so I can enjoy the sun in the front in the evenings. I'm not worried about people walking past.

But for now, all I can do is sit here and enjoy the sun and plan my next steps.


  1. Sounds amazing, you have so much planned. We started working on our garden last year but we both know nothing about gardening so we are having to learn as we go. #pocolo

  2. Replies
    1. hopefully we'll start making changes to it soon