Tuesday 8 March 2022

The winter garden.

Nothing happened over winter. I was away in Northern Ireland for most of November and high winds took the green house down. Plastic pots and trays were rounded up and everything else was just left to one side or chucked in the shed.

With signs of Spring in the air and bulbs popping through the grounds, it made me get out and sort things out. 

The plants in the cold frame have done well, as has the herb garden. Both spend half the day in direct sunlight when it shines.

It's also time to check inside the boots that have sat outside all winter.

How's your winter gardening gone? Have you be able to start getting it ready for spring?


  1. I haven't done anything in the garden this year but I am thinking about starting, giving it a tidy up and get rid of the weeds that are left. x

  2. We're still pretty far from spring but I enjoyed your garden pondering!

  3. Looks ace we'll done on your achievement x #pocolo