Monday 11 April 2022

Week 14 One Daily positive and Project 365

This week has just wizzed by. End of term on Thursday and back on the 26th. 

There's been lots of rearranging of ornaments and furniture this week. Once our Grandson goes home we'll return the conservatory to a garden room and will be able to access 4 seats of the dining room table in it's correct room. 

92 Saturday Morning spent on the laptop, cuppa tea at my friends and off to the hairdressers to get my hair sorted. Child 2, his wife and eldest grandchild came to visit for the night. The menfolk had an Indian, while the rest of us, plus the cat and dog had a McDonalds birthday tea party.

93 Sunday Coffee out, some shopping and a trip to the park and home to a roast dinner. Family left after a snacky tea and I got ready for work in the morning. Our eldest grandchild wore me out, they're non stop.

94 Monday Long day at work, walked the dog and rest of the afternoon the neighbour came round with her children. Her son didn't want to leave and said 'bye mummy' so I kept him a bit longer.

95 Tuesday Afterwork I sorted the attic out, it took all evening, but I'm ready with one box to donate and a suitcase full of clothing.
This is the before photo.

96 Wednesday I walked home from work, Peter met me half way with the dog. Had a bath and put my pjs on. I didn't move off the sofa all evening.
I really want to get the mirrors and some pictures up and desperatly need to sort out our 1990's fireplace.

97 Thursday Last day of term, went to the pub with a colleague and Peter joined us. Grandson is coming to visit and we're planning a few nights away with the dog.
Alarm switched off for the next two weeks.

98 Friday Lie in and off to Kyre Park with Bob for the day. I lived and worked here in the late 80's/early 90's. Been back a few times to walk around, this time it was the lure of the antique barn. Chips and wine with friend in the evening.

I never appreciated this place when I was 18, but back then we couldn't access these Capability Brown Gardens as they were over grown and inaccessible. 

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  1. Lyre Park looks lovely. What a great place to have lived and worked. Nice to have spent lots of time and be spending more time with Grandchildren, hope you do get some time to relax over your time off too.

    1. I wish I'd appreciated the beauty of it more

  2. It sounds like a lovely week.
    What a lovely treat for your cat and dog.
    Ahh! I would much rather have your fireplace than mine. My gas fire has to be from the 80s. lol x

  3. Lyre Park looks amazing! Your Easter hols are aligned with ours and the first week has gone so fast. Such a good feeling to not need to set an alarm! #projecct365

    1. it is lovely not having to rush round in the mornings

  4. Kyre Park looks beautiful and glad to hear that your hair is sorted now

    1. I wish I'd appreciate the beauty of the place when I lived there

  5. Lovely to have a visit from Child 2 even if your eldest grandchild wore you out. I'm much the same after two weeks of Easter holidays! Glad you had a successful sort out in the attic – I really need to do some decluttering around the house again. Lovely to be able to turn the alarm off for a couple of weeks. Kyre Park looks like a beautiful place for a walk – that view is gorgeous. #project365

    1. We love having the grandchildren and their parents to visit. Feels so much better to have the house decluttered again