Thursday 7 April 2022

What to do with a bad haircut and how it was resolved.

It's difficult when you move to find a new hairdresser. I never really had a preference when we were in the UK, a different place most times for a trim or a colour.

I had a good one in South Africa and an excellent one in Dubai. 

I've had 2 cuts since returning to the UK, but I've not been happy with either of them. one need a return trip to tidy up and the other was ok but not what I'd wanted.

So off to a new hair dresser.

I don't have any decent photos of my hair before the cut, but it was shoulder length and too bulky at the back.

I had a consultation a few days before and showed the stylist what I was aiming for and discussed the possibility of a perm to create some waves like this.

I asked for an undercut to remove the bulk at the back while it grew. i showed her a photo.

While she was cutting the hair I assumed the length was the same all round and when she showed me the back I could see all my hair had been cut off.
I told her I didn't like the wedge, it wasn't what I'd asked for and she offered to tidy it up with some layers. I'd specifically told her not to do a wedge, just an undercut and no layers. I paid and left disappointed, but thinking, it's only hair, it'll grow.

I got home, washed and attempted to style it and was left with this.

I actually cried.

I found another hairdresser.

I'm more than happy with this cut, similar to what I had a couple of times in Dubai, but now much shorter than I'd wanted and I'll start the process of growing it again.

I sent a message to the original hairdresser, with photos.

'I had my hair cut with you on Thursday last week. I was unhappy with the style having asked for an undercut as I wanted to grow my hair longer and explore the options of a perm, all discussed in a pre visit a few days earlier. I didn’t like the finished style and commented on the wedge at the back. The stylist offered to smooth it out but had already cut off more of my hair than I’d wanted. I said no thank you. Paid my £16 and left thinking it will grow. However when I got home and washed my hair, I was extremely upset to see how the hair had actually been cut and no amount of styling, gel etc could hide this mess. I opted not to return to complain as I didn’t want my hair cut at your salon again and risk it looking worse or too short. (It was shoulder length prior to Thursday) I visited another salon on Saturday who were able to resolve the issue at the cost of £42, however it does not rectify the issues of my hair now being much shorter than I wanted, being out of pocket financially and the upset of the cut. I’ve opted to give you the chance to comment rather than posting a review online as I’m hoping this was a one off. I’d read your reviews before booking initially. The next three photos show how I left the salon, after washing and after being rectified at another salon. I hope we can reach a satisfactory conclusion.'

Their response was:
Hi Suzanne we are sorry you have had such a bad experience at the Salon and we can only apologise for this, we obviously would liked to have corrected this for you, we are unsure how the stylist missed this and we would like to offer you a full refund of £16 that you paid in the salon, if you let me know when you would like to collect this I will make sure it is available for you Kind Regards Xxxxxxx's Hair Salon

I'm sending Peter in to collect the refund.


  1. I always cut my hair myself and get my fella to straighten out the back because I don't trust hairdressers, I have never got what I have wanted when visiting one.
    They made such a mess of your hair, an undercut is not hard to do. My eldest has very similar with her hair to thin it out and my fella cuts it for her. It's not rocket science. I would have cried too. It looks so much better now but it's a shame you have lost all of the length. x

    1. well time to grow it again and I'll probably want something different then anyway

  2. It is so frustrating when hairdressers don't listen to what you want. I had a similar experience with my son. The hairdresser said 'do you want to leave the long fringe?' and both me and Elliot said yes and then she cut it off! Your new shorter hair looks fabulous by the way! #pocolo

    1. I often go to hairdressers and say just work your magic, but not anymore

  3. Whoa! That first cut was a train wreck. Kudos to the second stylist for correcting the damage.

    1. The second stylist is fantastic, will be going back to her for sure

  4. Oh gosh can't believe the first one but so glad the second was a success x #pocolo