Saturday 23 April 2022

Week 16 One Daily Positive and Project 365. West Wales for Easter.

Well normal service has resumed. We're back in the world visiting friends and family, mixing and not wearing masks. We've not been influenced by the media or felt under any pressure to be doing things that have been out of our comfort zone for the past two years. I think having had covid recently along with literally everyone we know in the same time frame (no mixing, no contact with anyone else who had it as they're dotted around the UK) has made us realise life has to go on at some point and we're comfortable with what we're doing now. Still only seeing the same people, but we're reducing physical contact and social distancing in public as much as we can, still avoiding indoor spaces for long periods of time and avoiding if too busy.

I've been really annoyed with the sale of the flat. I get regular calls from the Estate Agent asking me to chase things up. Solicitors don't seem to talk to one another and as I'm selling a Lease, I had to contact the Property Management team for the contact details for the Freeholder, which they didn't have and then had to pay them £300 to provide 3 years accounts, a copy of the lease and the freehold, all of which I've already given the solicitor but it has to be from them directly. Another 2 week delay due to no one telling me this. not sure what I'm paying the solicitors for. Although the Estate Agent is certainly earning her commission.

106 Saturday Slept well, waited till 9am to walk over the road to get a coffee and internet to blog. Set off on a walk along the Pembrokeshire Coast, we decided to come back inland but ran out of pavements on the main road, so picked up a footpath back through the woods, discovering a waterfall and a rope swing that Peter went on. We were back in time for the FA Cup semi final, first half watched in the pub. I wrote some postcards and read my book.

107 Sunday We both got sunburnt yesterday through the clouds. We set off to Fishguard, had breakfast but nothing else there to do so went to St David's and walked to the coast and St Non's ruins, had coffee and came home to cook dinner, watch the football and an evening in with Dr Who.

108 Monday Waited for the coffee shop over the road to open at 9am and switch their wifi on, then off to Pembroke Castle for the morning and into Tenby for a walk on the beach and a paddle in the sea, fish and chips and a pub visit. Evening spent in front of the TV.

109 Tuesday Found a different coffee shop with wifi this morning. Only a small village but caters for all our holiday needs. Off to Cardigan and New Quay for the day, a walk around the shops and re parked for a visit to the beach. Back to the cottager around 4pm and an evening walk on the beach for Bob to run off lead and explore.

110 Wednesday Up early, packed, had breakfast, cleaned the cottage, loaded the car and out for coffee. We drove home via Bridgend Outlet Centre and got home at 3pm, unpacked the car then off to do a food shop. Washing on, neighbours thank you gifts delivered, bags unpacked and washing on, tea made and eaten, bathed and watched TV.

111 Thursday Back into Wales to visit a friend, sorted out Thing 3's birthday gift and a replacement Easter Egg for my niece. No idea where hers went. It had a card with it also. Not in the house, or child 4's car who delivered it, or at my mums where it was delivered to and I've asked other friends if a card had gone in with their egg also, but nope, nothing. It eventually turned up and no one knows what happened. So niece now has 2 eggs.

I've been looking for a jug like this for a few weeks, asked my friend where she got hers from and brought it home with me.

112 Friday A day spent rearranging the conservatory and dining room to enable full use of the rooms and allow for storage. Everything moved into the lounge and once the dining room was fully restored (still got a sofa and the fridge freezer in it) the contents of my shed were moved into the conservatory over night so we can move the shed in the morning.

On the blog this week:

We're selling our flat and not buying anything else with the proceeds. I'll be subject to Capital Gains Tax on the profit, but it's too expensive being landlords.

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  1. We're still trying to be a little careful when it comes to Covid but it does seem that life has to go on. I think we have done going this long without catching it.
    It sounds like you have had a great week away, fab photos! It does sound like the small village was really good for for people on holiday. x

    1. It was lovely getting away from the crowds at Easter off the beaten track

  2. Spooky you were in Tenby the day we arrived there. It's lovely there. Glad you had a good break away, and hopefully the flat sale moves on a bit without as much hassle

  3. Looks like you had a lovely holiday, that beach looks stunning. Sorry to hear the flat sale isn't progressing as planned, i remember that frustration well

    1. It was a lovely holiday, the beaches were amazing

  4. We’ve been more relaxed since getting Covid too. I know it hasn’t gone away, but as you say, life has to go on even though it is at a more cautious level. The sale of the flat sounds very frustrating. Hope it all goes through soon. Looks like you had a lovely time in West Wales and had nice weather for it. Love the photo of your dog and cat in the garden. #project365

    1. The weather was perfect for our holiday in West Wales. The cat and dog are never far from each other when it's near meal times

  5. The world certainly seems to have gone back to normal covid-wise. Looks like you had a lovely time in Wales. #project365

  6. Sorry to hear your having issues with the sale of the flat, I am quickly learning myself when it comes to real estate things don't run smoothly. Sounds like you had a lovely break away. I love the part of Wales.