Wednesday 13 July 2022

Our English Garden in July

Since planting a hedge row and doing some thinning out and weeding back in June, the garden hasn't had anything done to it other than daily watering, a new shed/summer house erected and plenty of BBQs and just sitting in it to enjoy in the evenings and on weekends.

The other 2 sheds won't come down now until September/October and then we'll start building the raised beds, vegetable patch and herb garden. We're still waiting for a quote on our planned extension, but that won't interfere with the garden plans as we're replacing the old conservatory.

There are plenty of herbs, tomatoes, radishes, peas and beans growing. The strawberries and raspberries were eaten by the dog.
The front garden is south facing so ideal for these plants.

Tomatoes, chard and strawberries.

Repurposed dust bins for growing chard, pumpkins and sunflowers.


The lawn is suffering with the sun, but the new shrubs are doing well.

Lots of pots of herbs dotted around the garden.

Loving the new summer house/shed.

Current storage of tools and bikes down the side of the house.

The conservatory will be replaced sometime with an extension, but for now, it's filled with bubbles and a reading nook.

How's your summer garden doing? Are you at the stage where you can just sit and relax in it, or os there always work to be done?


  1. You have worked very hard on your garden and it must be lovely to see the results. I think the new summer house looks fabulous, as does your reading nook. I love container gardening, as long as I keep the pots watered! #pocolo

    1. There is always so much more to be doing though