Sunday 3 July 2022

Week 26 - One Daily Positive and Project 365

It was the 30th anniversary of my 21st birthday on Sunday as in I turned 51. It sounds older than it feels. I've never really bothered with age related numbers, but over 50 now makes me think of anyone aged 50-65 as if it's just one age band, before one just becomes 65+.

175 Saturday Had a lie in, finished making a balloon arch and then we went out for a coffee and collected our food order for the afternoon. Friends and family arrived from 2pm for tea, wine and food. The weather stayed good but we mostly stayed indoors. There were 5 kids aged 11 months to 5 and 14 adults, last one leaving after 6pm. We had a quick tidy round and watched Glastonbury. Child 2, his wife and their child stayed over. Birthday A video for todays picture.

176 Sunday Another lie in and with DIL and grandchild we took the dog to the park and had coffee out, we kicked them out at 2pm as we were going for lucnsh, which we ended up rescheduling and having dinner instead.

Part of my birthday gift from my mum.

177 Monday Up at 6.30am, drank tea and straight out the door to the pool. I had planned to go straight to work but had to return home to collect underwear as I'd forgotten to pack it. Did some washing, cooked dinner and fell asleep on the bed from 7pm-8.15pm. Was back in bed at 9.30pm, absolutely exhausted.

I'm fed up of our drive being blocked, BT have been coming and going here for months and if it's not them, it's usual the school run.

178 Tuesday Cycled to work and back, cooked dinner, watched TV and an early night.

Bob has been playing with his rope for days.

179 Wednesday Grandson had his surgery today, 6 hours and so far all is good. Drove home via the supermarket, collected new glasses, evening spent in front of the TV after cooking dinner.

Thank you notes.

180 Thursday Up early and a few jobs done. Cycled to work and back, walked the dog to the laundrette to dry the bed sheets, cooked tea, watched TV, sorted out some blog issues. The dog snook out, it was raining and for an hour he was digging in the garden, he came in absolutely filthy and we had to scrub the kitchen floor.

Knee tea, left overs straight from the pot.

181 Friday Work via the swimming pool and home at 3.15pm. I cleaned our bedroom and evening spent with a bottle of wine and chips with friend.

The cats morning pose.

On the blog this week:

I don't want to look 10 years younger, but I'm fed up of people 10 years older than me trying to look like they're 50, when this 50 year old doesn't have a style and is fed up of being pigeonholed. 

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  1. Happy birthday. Glad you had a nice birthday afternoon. Love the cat's perch. Very 'I'm looking down on everyone'!

  2. Glad to hear you had a good birthday party! I saw those gifts your Mum gave you as a birthday gift and laughed. They would be totally wasted on me. I don't even bother with face masks. That's a relief that the operation went well. The cat's perch is fab!

    1. not sure I will be using them as intended

  3. hehehe! The gifts from your mum did make me chuckle. I hope you had a good birthday.
    I am glad your Grandson's surgery went well. x

  4. Happy birthday!! I love both how you described your birthday and also the gifts from your mother. I had no idea there are masks for bums and boobs.
    The cat and the dog seem very happy with their possessions, it's also funny to see what makes them happy, for dog is a rope, for the cat is an expensive and beautiful post. They are hilarious.

  5. Happy belated birthday! The birthday gifts made me smile! Glad the surgery went ok.

  6. Hope you had a lovely birthday, love those pressies (have you used them yet?) #project365

    1. Thank you. I'm wading my way through the bath bombs and loving them

  7. Happy belated birthday, hope you had a good one. Love the video of you having Happy Birthday sung to you in Welsh. Glad all went well with your grandson’s surgery, hope he is fully recovered now. #project365