Thursday, 28 July 2022

Working on the DP World Tour

I started volunteering with the DP World Tour in 2018 whilst living in Dubai and have had a variety of roles from marshalling to Anti Doping and spotting.  I've also been fortunate to have been paid for some of this work with the TV from sound recording, scoring and more recently driving the camera crew around, making sure they get dropped at the action on the course, then getting out the way of all the other cameras and photographers.

There are loads more opportunities for work, however, it is salary only, no travel or accommodation provided (apart from during covid when working in a bubble). It's also Thursday to Sunday and now I'm working in a school I'm not able to either do the whole weekend or I can't get back in time for work on the Monday morning.

I'm on he tour list for Dubai in November, so watch this space. I'd love to go back out for this event.

In the meantime here are the photo's from the Cazoo Classic this weekend in Southport.

Clothing from previous events, plus waterproofs.

Fairly easy to operate

Sheltering from the rain

Keeping out the way of the cameras

My view on most holes

Hiding the cart from the cameras, between green and next tee


  1. Do you see much of the golf? Yes I suppose working gets in the way, but needs must. Sounds like you have got the balance right on getting people to the right place but remaining invisible.

  2. It sounds like a very interesting thing to do, I hope you manage to get back for the Dubai event. #pocolo

  3. It looks like a great thing to be part of and very interesting. What a close up view you have. x

  4. Hmmm... I wonder about how tired you must be at day's end.

  5. What a fantastic and fun experience, I imagine. I know virtually nothing about golf but my eldest son plays. #pocolo