Sunday 31 July 2022

Week 30 - One Daily Positive and Project 365

Such a busy week involving a car, golf cart, plane, train and my 2 legs.

I was a tad emotional with neighbours coming to an end after 37 years, was pleased to see there was no stupid ending and they wrapped up all the characters and reasons for being back on Ramsey Street nicely.

We've finally agreed a date to complete on the flat sale. It's been ongoing since February 2022.

203 Saturday Awake around 7am, a call home and out for coffee. I spent the morning wandering around Southport, not pretty after the night before, last night I felt I was on the set of one of these reality cop shops having my dinner in Wetherspoon with fights going on outside. A good day at the golf, less rain. Back to the B&B by 9pm after stopping for something to eat.

204 Sunday After coffee I packed and checked out and the rest of the morning was spent on the Pier and wandering the beachfront, sea too far away for paddling and too cold anyway. Last day at the golf and drove straight to Liverpool airport to my hotel ready for an early flight.

205 Monday Up early and off to Belfast, collected from the airport then 1:1 Freddie time with mum and dad out. We went out in the afternoon and just spent the evening having baby cuddles.

206 Tuesday I didn't wake till 8am and after breakfast we went out for a drive and a long dog walk. Afternoon popped to the retail park and after tea just enjoyed more Freddie time and I cleaned the kitchen.

207 Wednesday A lazy morning and into town for coffee before my 4pm flight to Liverpool and long drive home.

208 Thursday A lie in and relaxed morning then off to Kidderminster eye hospital. I'm waiting for an appointment for a scan on my left eye and have a convergence issue with my right eye which can be improved with exercises, we did some shopping and stopped for coffee. Popped to neighbours to get my signature witnessed for the flat sale.

209 Friday Up at 5am and on the 5.45am train to Birmingham for Commonwealth Games. My accreditation wasn't ready, but no one was able to help me so a complete waste of my time and money. We popped into town to the bank to collect some paperwork then did some gardening. Friend round for chips and wine and watched the last ever episode of Neighbours with a few tears.

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  1. What a shame about the Commonwealth Games. I've been watching a bit on TV and it's exciting. It must have been lovely to have baby time on your own.

  2. Lovely photo of you and Freddie, how lovely to have some one-to-one time with him. Love the bee footprints. Sorry to hear that you had a wasted trip with the Commonwealth Games due to your accreditation not being ready. Hope it’s been sorted out now. #project365

    1. thankfully it all got sorted in the end but was very frustrating

  3. Gorgeous pics of you with Freddie, love this foorprint art. How annoying about your wasted trip. I felt emotional about Neighbours and I haven't watched it in 20 years! #project365

    1. Love the bones of this baby, can't get enough cuddles