Saturday 16 July 2022

Week 28 - One Daily Positive and Project 365.

It was 5 years on Monday since my father died. I think about him all the time and often quote him when things are happening in the world, such as Boris, the war, football, things the kids/grandkids do. I'm no longer sad, he would be 84 this year, I doubt he'd have still been with us, it was his time. I still struggle with the helplessness of that night, just watching him die when he collapsed. I hope to god I never have to go through anything like that again.

Onwards and upwards though. He'd love the fact we're going to Australia soon to see our middle child. He'd love the two great grandchildren he never got to meet and he'd be telling me what I was to do when I work at the English Open Golf in Southport next week, mansplaining my job to me, then watching it on the TV to try and get a glimpse of me. We used to face book mum from sporting events around the world (Dubai, South Africa, Hong Kong, Wembley) telling her where we were sitting at the rugby, cricket or football or which hole we were on so he could try and spot us. He often did and he'd press record to show us when we visited him next.

189 Saturday Off to Gloucester to spend the day with child 1, did some shopping, had coffee and cake out and home around 4pm. We had a BBQ in the evening and watched TV. 

My first attempt at quilting.

190 Sunday I went off to the shops early and bought a few gifts and some new bedding. Peter walked Bob up the Hills and went to the pub and I cleaned the house top to bottom. Late afternoon I went next door for their daughters 1st birthday for cake. Their son came round when parents were putting the bins out and let himself in and shut the door on them. He sat on the sofa to watch the TV, joined us for dinner, watered the plants then just said 'thank you, go home now' and I took him back. I sat in bed watching Ghostbusters and catching up with blog comments.

New bedding.

191 Monday Swimming before work, I left early with a migraine and home to get meds and sleep. I decided in the evening to pop to see a friend to take my mind off the anniversary.

Getting warmer and whilst car temps were 36c, it's nothing compared to Dubai where I'd previously registered 57c in my car.

192 Tuesday Cycled to work, bloody hot on the way home. Sorted out my accreditation for the golf and accepted a last offer as a volunteer in the Commonwealth Games Village.

193 Wednesday Lift to work and home, sorted out holiday insurance and looks like the flat sale will fall through unless I reduce the price by 5k, 6 months after accepting the original offer. If the buyer pulls out, my costs of 1k will be covered and I will remarked the flat at a higher price anyway. Watered the garden, blogged and did the ironing. I brought a cushion from school home to finish stuffing and sewing for a student who ran out of time to finish his project in and did some more work on the neighbours daughters quilt made from old baby clothes.

never too old for bubbles.

194 Thursday Lift to work and back via the Doctors for a blood test, out in the evening to the local youth club, then watched TV and did some more blogging and finally got the ironing done.

Quilt finished made with old baby grows from the 1 year old next door.

195 Friday Swimming before work and a lift home. Evening spent with friend, chips and wine. I had my 6 monthly check with the consultant who said whilst iron is dropping it's not enough for an infusion and will review again in 6 months.

I lovingly brought 2 'leaves' in damp tissue paper back from our balcony garden in Dubai. They survived 3 weeks in temporary accommodation and 11 days in hotel quarantine in the UK and are now sprouting babies in the bathroom in the UK.

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Our English Garden in July 

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your memories of your Dad. I loved that he would try and see you on the TV :)

  2. Sending love and hugs. So sorry about your dad, those 5 years have passed so quickly.
    Your quilt looks great.
    hehehe! Your little next door neighbour sounds like quite the character.
    I did actually think of you today when I was watching the temperature rise here and Googled what the temp is in Dubai. lol
    How exciting to be part of the Commonwealth Games. x

    1. Thank you, it was tougher than I thought. The neighbours child certainly has a lot of character, he loves coming to visit and help out.

  3. How cool that your plants from Dubai are now growing. So funny they were in quarantine! Yay to getting the commonwealth games support role. Exciting to be a part of it. Hope you get to watch some of it too.

    1. I'm really pleased the cactus is growing well, it's taken a year to establish itself

  4. Anniversaries are hard. I’m sorry that you still struggle with the memories of the night your dad died. It is so hard seeing something like that happen and feeling so helpless. Love the new bedding. Glad you got accepted as a volunteer for the Commonwealth Games. Love the quilt you made. #project365

    1. Thank you Louise. Looking forward to the games now

  5. Love the new bedding and that blanket is adorable. Sorry to hear that you have been struggling with memories of your dad.Well done on being accepted as a volunteer for the commonwealth games

  6. I can't imagine that Dubai heat, 30 is too high for me! Gorgeous quilting and congrats on the volunteer role. #project365

    1. Thank you, I think with a bit more practice I'll get the lines even straighter with the quilting