Saturday 13 August 2022

Week 32 One Daily Positive and Project 365. Australia.

The first 5 days in Australia passed in a blur caused by jet lack and then failure to establish a sleep pattern. I took till Friday night before I had my first full nights sleep and didn't have to nap in the day.

We're staying with child 3 and his girlfriend who moved out here 5 years ago. I last saw him in July 2019 after visiting here for 3 weeks on a road trip from Sydney to Melbourne and along the Great ocean Coast. This time Peter is with me and we've travelled north to Cairns, been on the Great Barrier Reef. Next week we're heading south to the Sunshine and Gold Coast, north and south of Brisbane.

217 Saturday We flew from Gatwick on a night flight, having caught the train there.

Fresh faced for the first part of our journey.

218 Sunday Landed in Dubai and had a couple of hours in the lounge before a 14 hour flight around 7am Dubai time.

We had to wear masks for the 7 hour and the 14 hour flight and in the airports.

219 Monday We arrived at 7am in Sydney and were met at the airport. We unpacked, handed over gifts, had a sleep and set off to find coffee and explore the local area.

At dinner, body clock saying it was breakfast so a cocktail had to be had.

220 Tuesday We. took ourselves into Sydney around midday and walked to the Harbour to explore the Sydney Opera House, walked round the botanical gardens, into the city and back to the harbour.

221 Wednesday Off into Sydney by train, caught a ferry to Manly and explored the area, we saw dolphins in the sea and got caught in the rain. Back to the house then out in the evening for dinner in a revolving restaurant and went down to the harbour to see the Sydney opera House lit up in memory of Oliver Newton John.

222 Thursday Out for a coffee, packed and headed to the airport for a 3 hour flight to Cairns, checked into our accommodation and out for dinner.

View from the balcony.

223 Friday Early morning start and a boat trip to Fitzroy island for the day, snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef. The rest of them went out on a glass bottom boat, while I explored the coral at low tide and read my book.

Clam and coral.

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  1. It sounds like you are having a great trip apart from the jet lag. You drinking the cocktail did make me chuckle. Fab photos. x

    1. It won't be long before I'm flying again drinking wine for breakfast, I'm sure

  2. Looks amazing. Would love to visit Australia one day but at the moment its no change with the kids. They wouldn't cope with the flight time.

    1. We barely coped with the travel and time difference

  3. It looks and sounds like you are having an amazing time. Nothing better than a cocktail for breakfast :)

  4. Hope you have such an amazing time. My cousins are over from Australia at the moment and are trying to persuade us to visit - I would love to one day.

    1. If you can afford the flights you should go, it's amazing over here

  5. I hope you are having an amazing time and loving spending time with child 3 after so long apart: enjoy! #project365

  6. How lovely to be in Australia visiting child 3 and his girlfriend. I can imagine the jet lag must take some getting over. Sounds like you’re having a lovely time though. How lovely to see the dolphins and the Opera House all lit up. Snorkling on the Great Barrier Reef sounds like an amazing experience. Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay. #project365