Sunday 6 November 2022

Week 44 One Daily Positive and Project 365

My migraine is still with me, it started 2 weeks ago yesterday. I managed to get a Drs appointment for Thursday but ended up calling emergency number to get some help.

Child 3 and his girlfriend visited child 4 and his wife and visited our grandson for the first time.

It appears the season of spending money aka Christmas is upon us judging by the release of the Christmas coffee cups and music being played in stores.

301 Saturday A morning to ourselves after a very busy 2 weeks, a walk into town for coffee and some shopping with Peter and Bob walking home. I put the outside Halloween decorations up and I made a cushion seat pad for our grandsons bedroom.. Child 2, his wife and grandchild arrived early evening for dinner and stayed over night. 

302 Sunday Up early and off for a family swim, pool was fully booked and £7 per adult to book for the midday slot. Peter and Child 2 joined us in the park and before a coffee. Swim was good. Home to cook a roast, a lazy afternoon, neighbour joined us with her child for some pumpkin carving and everyone went home after tea. Peter and I went straight to bed around 9pm.

303 Monday Back to work via the swimming pool, afternoon and evening spent with answering the door to trick or treaters in the rain and watching Stranger Things. I ran out of treats around 6pm. Had a bath and was in bed and asleep by 9pm.

304 Tuesday Cycled to work, a quiet day. On my way home my migraine kicked in full force and I had to call Peter to fetch me and my bike. Home to bed with an emergency call to the GP with Peter collecting new meds at 7pm. Was a sleep around 10pm.

305 Wednesday Woke at 5am with head still thumping and took next lot of meds, drank tea and dozed on the sofa till 7am. I left work early and got my nails done on the way home. The sewing machine was playing up so I spent the evening sorting through emails, photos and sorting out a couple of upcoming trips.

306 Thursday Home after work to finish sewing a seat pad cover for our grandson, then Drs at 5.20pm for more meds and some blood tests. I had a bath, we put the heating on and I packed for our trip away and did the ironing.

307 Friday After work we caught the train to Birmingham to fly to Belfast for the weekend to see child 4 and his wife for Grandsons 1st birthday. Child 2, his wife and grandchild were already there. Only the 2nd time the cousins have met.

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  1. Hope the migraine has eased, and that all the family catch ups are going well. Love the coordinated halloween costume

  2. I hope your migraine has cleared off now.
    The Halloween decorations look fab and I love the animals costumes. How cute.
    I hope you have had a lovely weekend with your family. x

  3. So sorry to hear that your migraine has lasted so long. Hope the meds have helped and that it has eased now. Love your outside Halloween decorations and the Halloween outfits. Hope you had a lovely weekend in Belfast. #project365

    1. Weekend in Belfast was fab. I love decorating the house for festivities

  4. Fab Halloween dressing up from you all! So sorry that your migraine has been so bad. #project365