Saturday 19 November 2022

Week 46 - One Daily Positive and Project 365

For the past few weeks I've been watching Stranger Things, it's really good and I'm enjoying it.

My migraines haven't been this bad since 2017 when extensive tests took me down the bone marrow biopsy route in Dubai. During that time I also contracted pneumonia.

I've had a headache 24/7 now for 4 weeks. I will say that I've become used to them now, but it's extremely hard going, painful and frustrating. You'll find me banging my head against an available wall.

315 Saturday I managed to do 2 loads of washing today and rather foolishly took the bed sheets and towels to the laundrette to dry. Rest of the day I spent in bed, head hurting too much now, unable to get any relief from it. Took up to my maximum dose of medication and according to NHS app and symptoms I should've called 999.

316 Sunday Didn't sleep all night, managed to be pain free for around 20mins per hour. By 7am, I'd woken Peter and we headed for the local A&E where I was told on arrival I couldn't have meds until I saw the Dr. After 2 hours I asked how long before I could see the Dr to have meds and was told 'they're not mind readers and I'm to ask' nurse returned with triptans and paracetamol. I told her I'd been taking these for days and they weren't working, she went straight into 'you can't queue jump and if you don't take these, I'll be recorded as refusing meds and it will delay me seeing the Dr. The triage nurse who told me I couldn't have meds stood and said nothing and another staff came out and said 'calm down, don't shout at the staff or you'll be refused treatment' I wasn't shouting, I was crying and in severe pain, I just asked a question, I took the meds and sat on the floor outside A&E for another 2 hours where it was quieter and not so bright with the lights. The Dr I saw was great, took time to listen, hooked me up on a drip, recommended I see my GP and ask for a referral to a neurologist. Home via Tesco to buy lunch and evening on the sofa.

317 Monday No work today, I still have some head pain and for some reason my back and neck pain is at its worse pain wise. Stayed in bed for the morning, then decided I needed some fresh air so took the dog for a walk.

The last of my fathers stamps, I've still got picture ones that can be used up, but these expire end of January, they're all paired up to the value of a 2nd class stamp ready for Christmas posting.

318 Tuesday Work and home to package gifts for sending to Australia and America and writing Christmas cards and letters to go in the parcels.

Messing around with DIL

319 Wednesday Work and home via the retail park to pick up some cat food, which ended up with me doing some Christmas shopping, getting home at 6pm.

Video call with grandson

320 Thursday Work and an altercation as I tried to access our blocked driveway where I was sworn at by a parent. I've had enough of this and saw the Head of the school who was dismissive and I've reported the incident on the none emergency police web page and am writing to the Governors. 

Christmas cards being written

321 Friday Work and home via the nail bar, evening spent with friend with chips and wine (vimto for me)

Waiting for their dinner

On the blog this week:

This week I'm moaning about the local school parents and their poor parking in Does common courtesy exist anymore?

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  1. So sorry to hear about your migraines! They can be brutal. I hope you are feeling much better sooner.

  2. Sorry to hear about your migraines....the trip to A&E sounds awful. Hope you manage to get a referral soon. As a parent on the school run I have seen how inconsiderately some parents park and it is frustrating.

    1. the school run parents are mostly ok, but all it takes is one bad Parker

  3. We love Stranger Things here, I have recently rewatched it.
    Your migraine sounds horrible. I hope the headache eases off soon. It sounds like you had an awful time at the hospital and the parking situation sounds very frustrating.

  4. Having a headache for so long sounds horrendous. I do hope that it eases soon and you start to feel better again. Sorry that the nurses weren’t so helpful in A&E but glad the doctor was good and took the time to listen. Poor parking by school parents really annoys me too. I once had someone park on my drive during the school run and they were rude to me when I asked them to move. Thankfully it hasn't happened since although I do get the occasional person still blocking the drive. Hope your letter to the Governors gets some results. #project365

    1. The school parking drives me mad, I feel like following people home and blocking their drives just for the hell of it some days

  5. There's a lot of parent/school parking issues in our town too. It does sound like people just don't care, and park on driveways and just aren't careful or bothered. Hopefully you see some change with the issues. Hopeyou get some info back from the doctor with the migraine etc.

    1. People just don't seem to care about much other than themselves these days

  6. So sorry that the headache persists and so frustrating when nothing helps. #project365