Friday 24 February 2023

Travels with the dog - Liverpool to Belfast

When we visit our son, DIL and grandson for a week, we take the dog with us. It's a simple process as we travel by ferry.

With Brexit we were originally advised in 2021 that Bob would need an EU passport to travel, but thankfully that plan was scraped (after we got him a passport) We do carry his vet book and chip number as we were checked on one occasion due to people smuggling puppies over the sea.

Bob is used to long journeys having started his life in South Africa in 2010, moving to Dubai with us in 2015 and onto the UK in 2020. Him and the cat didn't need crate training they took to it naturally.

He has no problem going in a crate on a plane, at home or at our sons house, but the second you near the kennels on board the ferry he starts to run on the spot on the slippery surface as he tries to dig his feet in.

He doesn't get travel sick in the car and it's almost 3 hours to the docks, before we even get on board, followed by another 7 hours on the sea. 

He greeted us like this in the morning.

Whilst we queue to board we walk him around the docks and on arrival he gets fed and we make sure he has a pee before he goes back in the car, then we stop at the first services for a walk before we complete our journey home.

Bob was 13 years old earlier this month, I'm not sure how many more trips we'll be able to make with him, but while we can, it's nice to have him come along.

Do you travel with your dog?


  1. I love that Bob travels with you to Belfast, and I think he's amazing for 13 years of age. We take Zeph, our Border Collie to France but we drive and go through the tunnel. Luckily, he's very good in the car, as it takes 2 days to drive down south. We break our journey and stay in an Airbnb where he's made most welcome! #pocolo

    1. We'd love to travel into Europe with Bob but with our family and friends dotted around we tend to travel in order to visit them. We have friends in Munich but the hassle with getting the dogs passport sorted just puts us off.