Sunday 5 February 2023

Week 5 2023 - One Daily Positive and Project 365

I've been on reduced hours this week whilst mum stayed with us. It's been nice to have the best part of the daylight to go places and do things.

29 Sunday Off to the retail park for coffee and a walk around the shops with mum, home to cook a roast dinner while Peter ironed and watched the football. There was a tidy round, washing on, snacks for TV and an evening with Vera on TV.

Took Bob for a walk

30 Monday Into work and arranged to work reduced hours for the week whilst mum is here, so home just after lunch. Afternoon spent sorting a few bills/refunds and taking down the conservatory curtains.

Mobile hoist training

31 Tuesday home from work at 1pm and picked Mum up and took her to Hereford for the afternoon.

Ever get that feeling you're being watched?

32 Wednesday Teacher strike day, so morning spent doing paperwork, reduced hours so home by 1pm after a visit to the nail bar. The cat and dog have now been in the UK 3 years today. I took mum into Worcester to the Range to buy a mirror. Evening spent watching TV.

Dog walk

33 Thursday Home from work and off into town for a coffee. Popped round the neighbours for a cuppa, then dinner and watched a movie.

Can't beat a cup of tea in bed in the mornings

34 Friday Peter collected me at lunch time with mum and we drove her home. Peter hung her new mirror and we were home by 6pm. Back killing me from the long drive, bath and bed. Asleep before Death in Paradise got to the opening scene.

Drive by photography in the Forest of Dean

35 Saturday Lazy morning, followed by a dog walk then home to move American Fridge Freezer to the neighbours house and a massive clean and tidy. Peter spent time in his study while I prepped dinner.  Child 2, his wife and our grandchild who are staying for the night. We celebrated Bob's 13th birthday 10 days early. Had a roast dinner then walked grandchild to the shop for ice cream (yogurt, banana milkshake, chocolate all added to the basket) got to bed around midnight.

Bob waiting for our grandchild to arrive

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  1. The reduced hours and spending time with your mum sounds nice.
    hehehe! That photo of you with the cat behind you did make me chuckle. x

    1. the cat is trying to kill me, I'm convinced of it

  2. Cats are puzzling. Why isn't she on your side instead of looking creepy from behind. She is funny though.
    It seems you've had a lovely and quiet week.

  3. Lol love the photo with the cat behind watching!!

    Reduced hours to send time with your mum is great.

  4. Glad you were able to sort reduced hours to spend time with your mum. Hope Bob had a good birthday #project365

  5. How nice to have had your mum staying with you and be able to make the most of daylight hours getting out and about. Happy 13th birthday to Bob. #project365

  6. Sounds like Bob loves the kids. I love that you celebrated his birthday. It was good they let you reduce your hours. I wonder if I can do that! #365

    1. I think all employers have to consider requests like this