Monday 20 February 2023

Week 7 One Daily Positive and Project 365

I made a huge error this week and got scammed. They only took €2 out of my account and I was able to call my bank and stop further transactions and cancel my bank card. It took me 5 seconds to realise my error when a pop up came up and wouldn't let me go to the next page to see my confirmation, unless I then made further purchases. It took an hour to sort it out with the bank and several calls as I kept getting cut off.

On Wednesday I had a message from the bank to say call this number to confirm a payment of €25.35, so I called the number on the back of my bank card to ask what was happening and they said it was probably the scammers and I wasn't to give them any details, the bank then informed me that my bank card hadn't been stopped, but they were declining payments as I'd already reported it as suspicious activities.

I then phoned customer complaints as I'd requested my card to be cancelled on the 12th and my car was still active on the 15th. The flat sale money sits in that account. I've gone from panic, through frustration to anger and have felt really patronised by the bank for them telling me I was foolish when a) I phoned them in the first place to say I'd been foolish and then they failed to block my card.

43 Sunday Off to Gloucester to visit child 1, took her out for coffee and cake. Afternoon on phone to Santander, sorting out the above, cooked a roast dinner and wasted 3 hours of my life trying to thread the over locker. My MacBook pro died when I shut the lid on a coin and the screen broke.

44 Monday A long day at work with supporting several students in an after school sports activity with a visiting school. Finished making the roll up pencil cases as Easter gifts for family and friends kids. The first stage of the building works started with new guttering, down pipes, facias being fitted.

45 Tuesday Normal day at work and afternoon and evening spent cleaning up in the craft room. Bob turned 13 today, so lucky to have this gorgeous dog with us for so long and full part of our expat journey.

46 Wednesday I had to pop out of work for a blood test, mid morning. Home from work via a coffee shop visit with Peter. Afternoon spent spent tidying the garden and evening spent packing and sorting things for our trip to Northern Ireland then straight off to Brighton next week for my aunts funeral.

The conservatory will be gone by the time we get home.

47 Thursday Up early to move the bay tray, garden furniture and dig the cats litter tray out the back of the shed. Off to work. Peter collected me at 3.30pm and we drove up to Liverpool for our night crossing to Belfast.

48 Friday Arrived with DIL and grandson at 8am. Popped out for a walk with the dogs and for a bit of shopping in the afternoon. Baby sat in the evening when DIL went to play hockey. 

Day 49 Saturday Took the dogs for a long walk around the village and after lunch we went out to a couple of shops, in laws came round int he evening and we had a take away.

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  1. Oh no! That is rotten about you being scammed, there are so many about at the moment.
    The pencil cases sound like lovely Easter gifts.
    Happy birthday to Bob! x

  2. you forgot your photos. Came over for a nosey.

    1. was racing to get the post live so I could link up in time

  3. What a pain about the scamming, and frustrating about the bank's failure to cancel your card. I thought that was usually the first thing they do. Hopefully it's all smoothed out now. Your grandson's grown so much, enjoy your time over there with them

    1. was disappointed the bank failed to cancel my card, Northern Ireland was a fab trip

  4. Oh what a nightmare with your card, ridiculous they didn't cancel the card!! Aww happy birthday to Bob

  5. Hope Bob had a good birthday! So sorry to hear about the scam and that the bank was slow to cancel the card. #project365

  6. So sorry to hear you got scammed and glad the scammers didn’t manage to take more than €2 out of your account. What a frustrating experience with the bank though – they definitely should have stopped your card when you first called. Sorry to hear about your MacBook Pro as well. Love the roll-up pencil case. Lovely photo of Bob on his birthday and the photo of your grandson is adorable – he is getting so big now! #project365

    1. it was a worrying few days with the scam, but totally my own fault, disappointed the bank behaved the way they did, but all sorted now