Monday 8 January 2024

2024 Week 1 One Daily Positive and Project 365. A Selfie a day.

Welcome to my 10th year of a Photo a Day and my One Daily Positive for Project 365. I can't believe I've kept it going for this long. It sure is some diary for future generations to look back on, documenting our move from the UK to South Africa to Dubai, then back to the UK. During our time as expats and since most of the generation above us have passed away with only our mums and a handful of aunts and uncles still with us. We've gained 2 Daughter in laws as we've moved from parents of teens through empty nest, into retirement for Peter and for both of us as Grandparents. 

It's been 14 years since we left the UK and we've been back full time for 2 and a half years. Almost everything in our house now has travelled with us and along the way we picked up a cat and a dog from South Africa, sadly the dog passed away late last year. We have trinkets and ornaments, cushions and pictures bought in various markets and stores and from places we never even dreamed of visiting let alone living in and our travels continue with a child over in Northern Ireland and another settled in Australia.

I've been setting myself a yearly challenge. In 2022 it was only buying clothes that I absolutely needed and checking out charity shops/2nd hand first. In 2023 it was to read a book a week ( I read 57) and for 2024 I've challenged myself to write 150 words a day towards a book and several short children's stories I've planned. 

I've kept up the buy only what I need challenge and my only purchases for 2023 were 4 pairs of thick woollen socks £18, 2 pairs of corded trousers £34 (I've lost weight, a clothes size) Jeans £2 (to replace a pair of jeans that split in the crotch) jumper £6 trousers £5 blouse £4 and a jacket £6 from a charity shop, a zip up fleece without a hood for work £18, Fleece PJ's £12, a replacement white bra £22. I also bought me a new long sleeve t-shirt and a jumper in the sales in Fat Face last week £48 and Peter bought me a storm proof long padded coat in the sales last January, that I was refusing to buy for myself because I didn't need it, but I've worn more than than anything else.

I will also carry on reading as much as I can, at least a book a fortnight.

This years photo a day will be a selfie of Peter and I, he's so looking forward to it #not


1 Monday We saw the New Year in with a colleague of mine, their family and friends, then again at 3am when a police van and car pulled up in front of our house and knocked on our door looking for our former tenant. We decided to pack our bags and spend a couple of nights in Glastonbury, arriving in Street at 3pm for a couple of hours, before checking into our hotel and walking into town to a pub for dinner.

2 Tuesday A lie in and off to Cheddar Gorge to visit the caves and walk to the top of Jacobs Ladder. it was very muddy so we didn't walk the whole route. One of the caves was closed due to flooding. We bought cheese and picnicked in the Bobster. In the afternoon we visited Wells cathedral, had dinner then back to the hotel for an early night.

3  Wednesday Down to Keynsham to visit MIL She's come home with us for a couple of weeks.

4  Thursday Blood test and nail bar visit and a coffee, then a food shop and home to take the Christmas decorations down. We also popped the roof on the Bobster and charged the auxiliary battery.

5  Friday A lazy ish day with a trip to the retail park for a coffee, then home for a clear up in the attic, some more pictures hung and stuff gathered for the tip. Afternoon and early evening spent in bed with a migraine. An early night.

6  Saturday Took MIL to a garden centre for coffee and for her to get out the house. I popped into town and bumped into a school mum friend I hadn't seen for 13 years, was lovely to catch up. Home to paint more of the dolls house and have a sort out of the grandchildren's room, donating toys they've outgrown.

7  Sunday A lazy morning and a lie in, followed by a coffee shop trip, then rest of the day spent decluttering drawers and cupboards for the charity shop and tip, migraine kicked back in, more meds taken.

Video call with Grandson.

Books read this week: 0

Words written towards book: 1539

Clothes bought: 0

On the blog this week: Dealing with disappointment 

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  1. Well done with 10 years doing Project 365, I think it's a great way to record those special and average moments in life.
    What a fun thing to have a photo of Peter each day, he is such a good sport.
    It sounds like a great trip away and how lovely to bump into a school mum friend after so long. x

    1. the novelty of a photo a day is wearing thin already with Peter lol.

  2. Love Peter's day 4 look! I can count on one hand the number of photos I've been able to take of my husband, and they're all of him not looking at the camera. Sounds like you've had a few nice days out and about for the start of the year. Good going on the clothes buying last year! My weight fluctuates so much, I clear out one size of clothes, then find a year later I need to buy more.

    1. I've lost quite a bit of weight over the past few months and am glad I've kept a lot of older clothes (mainly trousers) that now fit me better. I'm keeping the old one in a case in the loft in case I put the weight back on.

  3. Wow, congratulations on 10 years of the challenge! I can’t wait to see many more inventive selfies as the year goes on. And hearing more about these books you’re writing.

    1. The husband has tired of the idea now so I'll have to get creative

  4. Oh well done on keeping going so long on Project365. It’s such a good way of keeping a record of that time so you can look back over all the events that have happened. I like your yearly challenges. Good luck with this year’s one. That walk to the top of Jacob’s Ladder looks like a beautiful one. Love the photo with the donkey – was that at the garden centre? #project365

    1. Yes the donkey was at the garden centre, they were very friendly

  5. Ten years and as you say a great way to look back on events and thoughts. Well done :)

  6. Sounds like a good start to the new year...well apart from the police turning up! I can't remember how many years I have done Project 365, but its been a long time!

    1. every year I think I'll stop, but I quite enjoy doing it