Thursday, 13 October 2022

Fast Fashion and new clothes are not for me anymore.

I've committed myself to only buying clothes in 2022 that I actually need.

I am fortunate that I have a wardrobe full of day to day clothes and another wardrobe full of dresses. Having not been working and then living in Dubai, I shopped, a lot. I was in the malls almost everyday as it was too hot to be outside and I'd browse the clothes shops and just pick up the odd item of clothing here and there.

It's October and this year I have purchased the following:

March A pair of black trousers for work £22.  A pair of winter boots £30.

July A pair of black shoes £32.99 a bra £15 and a replacement black fleece £12.99

September 2 pairs of fingerless gloves £18

October A waterproof and warm coat, combined £25

All bought in the sales and after careful consideration as to their longevity and versatility.

I bought the winter boots as I didn't own any other than walking boots and wellingtons that weren't suitable for work. I bought the black shoes because I only owned sandals, heels, trainers and canvas shoes, not suitable for the wet weather and walking in.

I bought the black trousers as I only owned jeans and 3/4 length trousers and shorts.

The bra because 2 of mine finally gave in and broke beyond repair. 

The fingerless gloves because I have chill blains and whilst I do have several pair of gloves I'm not able to write with them on whilst I'm in work.

The winter coat was purchased because whilst I have a waterproof jacket and a warm winter coat, I didn't have one that was combined and I was getting drenched through riding my bike and walking to and from work.

I regret buying the black fleece as I do have two other fleeces I could've worn they just weren't black and I do like to coordinate my clothing. I also recently bought a hat for halloween.

I would like another pair or two of proper trousers for work, but I'm discovering everything is either denim or leggings, neither of which I can wear to work anyway, but I can team my 3/4 lengths trousers with the boots I bought back in March.

I doubt I'll ever need to buy a handbag or a purse ever again and I've found a good cobblers where I've had a zip in a bag and a pair of sandals repaired already.

As I'm wearing clothes out, I'm donating to the local youth club for their sustainable fashion projects. I've also got a pile of clothes put by for wearing as pjs, for gardening, when cleaning etc so the best clothes, stay better for longer.

I'm getting bored wearing the same things over and over, but I'm also getting a lot of satisfaction from not wasting money on clothes, the latest fashion, when due to relocating, a change in climate and covid over the previous years that no one has seen me in these clothes before and I haven't been wearing a lot of them due to the weather having been much warmer abroad, so there is a lot of life left in them anyway.

I was just going to do this for 2022, but I've decided to carry it on for the foreseeable future and only buy new clothes when I no longer have clothes that are still in good condition to be wearing out. I'm also going to make sure any new clothes I buy are sourced from charity shops and dress agencies before I go to the stores.


  1. I don't buy new clothes for myself often. I tend to use layers rather than buy warmer clothes. My only regret is not being able to wear jeans anymore. I used to love my jeans but my neurological condition means my clothes can become very annoying, even painful, and denim is a big no no. I treat myself to one new outfit twice a year.

    1. that's a shame you can't wear jeans, they are so practical for day to day wear

  2. Suzanne, this sounds very practical. I wrote a blog post in August about my wardrobe thoughts, which include having what I need in all of the categories I need, but not excess. I find having a pared-down organized wardrobe to be efficient, time-saving, money-saving, AND calming. Thank you for hosting #PoCoLo. Finally put up a new post after my blogging break.

    1. I'm wearing things up and out in my wardrobe, but I probably have a few years before I need to buy anything else

  3. I tend to only buy clothes when I desperately need them. I have t-shirts and jumpers that I bought when I was pregnant with my eldest and she's 20 now. lol This year I've bought a couple of new tops, bras, pj's and some jumpers. All because I have worn out the ones I previously had. x

  4. I can't even remember the last time I bought anything other than socks and underwear for myself anywhere besides the thrift shop. "fashionable' is something that I have never been accused of #pocolo

    1. I'm not always fashionable with what I wear either, I prefer comfort over style

  5. That's a good idea. I'm retired now and only get new clothes on occasion. Love those boots.
    Visiting today from #8

  6. I agree entirely! Fast fashion is no longer for me, and I am trying to 'shop' my wardrobe, buy from charity shops or in sales. Apologies for being so late to comment #pocolo

    1. I have added two pairs of cords to my haul as I had no winter trousers other than jeans, which I can't wear to work