Monday 25 March 2024

2024 Week 12 One Daily Positive, Project 365 and A Selfie a Day


78  Monday Home from work, exhausted, bath, pjs and sat in front of the telly all afternoon and evening.

79  Tuesday Home from work, washing, hoovering, moved the bougainvillea back outside along with the new storage box I assembled last week. Did some job hunting, found nothing of great interest. Blogging, TV, bath and bed.

80 Wednesday Left work at lunch for dental appointment. Old crown removed, mouldings taken and temporary crown applied. Home to tidy my craft room, sort clothing for week away and tidy dining room. I put together Bob's keep sake box with collar, footprints and dog bed. Evening spent on the sofa, watching TV and blogging.

81  Thursday Into work and home via the retail park for a coffee, meeting up with 3 colleagues for a natter. Home for dinner and spent an hour in the loft room tidying up and sorting things for donation, tip, selling etc.

82  Friday Home from work and end of term for 2 weeks. Stopped a the pub with a colleague on the way home, our visit was cut short after a pedestrian was hit by a car. Colleague redirected traffic till the ambulance arrived and I took the drivers son home and called his nan to come and sit with him, until mum had spoken to the police. All OK. Peter and I went out in the evening for dinner, home and an early night.

83  Saturday A leisurely day with washing and general tidying before packing the car and taking our time to drive to Liverpool via Cheshire Oaks and the ferry to Belfast for the week. Ferry was delayed by 90 minutes, so didn't sail until midnight and the sea was really choppy. Straight to the cabin and didn't wake till we docked at 7am.

84  Sunday Arrived at son and daughter in laws house to a very happy 2 and a half year old grandson. 'Granny, Gaga (grandad)' all day long. We went out in the afternoon to the retail park and to Gransons favourite shop 'Home Bargains' where we treated him to a Home Bargains lorry. DIL cooked a roast, dogs were walked and Grandson bathed and 1 millionth book of the day read before he went to bed.

Books read this week: 1 million children's books.

Words written towards book: 1197

Clothes bought: Birkenstock Sandals £75

On the blog this week: Do you have an Easter Tree?

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  1. Fab photos!
    Oh wow! You have finished school early, here they don't finish the term until Thursday.
    Aww! It sounds like you are having a lovely time with your grandson. x

    1. I think it was nice having the week off either side of the easter weekend.

  2. That must have been emotional putting together Bob’s keepsake box. How awful that a pedestrian was hit by a car when you were at the pub. Hope that they were okay. Glad you were able to help. Hope you’ve had a lovely week with your grandson. #project365

  3. Lol, love the millions of childrens books read. Nice you can get over fairly frequently to see grandson. I need to return to Cheshire Oaks, I don't think I've been there for years. Scary to see an accident - glad you were able to help, and all turned out fine

  4. Oh gosh that must have been horrible seeing the accident. Good of you to help out. Enjoy your time with your grandson!