Monday 4 March 2024

2024 Week 9. One Daily Positive, Project 365 and A Selfie a Day


57  Monday Had a rubbish day in work, came home very upset and wondering why I'm bothering, especially when I don't need to work, other than the fact I love working with the students and the staff team are great, which they proved with the endless what's app messages and calls all evening to check I was OK. Rest of the evening spent watching TV.

58  Tuesday Better day in work, students were superstars and staff team are fab. Took an hour TOIL, went for coffee, food shop and whilst I was cooking dinner from scratch, I answered the door with a jar of herbs in my hand to a representative from Hello Fresh trying to sell me the concept of cooking from scratch and having everything I need for each meal delivered. I told them I was doing just that, we do that every night, just at a fraction of the price. He continued his spiel and I said 'I'm holding a jar of herbs, I'm in the middle of cooking fresh, got to go'  

59  Wednesday Work OK, then dentist on the way home after cracking a tooth eating sweets over the weekend. It's the crown on an implant, not an easy fix as I have to find a new dental implant surgeon, as mine was done in Dubai. I also need a new crown on another tooth expected cost £815. This is why I go to work. Colleague came round in the evening for dinner that I cooked for the two of us.

60  Thursday I contacted my implant surgeon in Dubai who has recommended a surgeon in Birmingham I've contacted, waiting to hear back from him. Work went well today. I met Peter at the retail park for a coffee.


61  Friday Happy St David's Day, dressed appropriately and took my inflatable daffodil into work with me. My friend was working this evening so no chips and wine, it's been 3 weeks since we've had a catch up.

62  Saturday Off to Worcester to buy new curtains for the bedroom and do the weekly food shop and have a coffee. Child 2, his wife and our grandchild arrived early evening. We had dinner. Son had an early night. DIL and I stayed up to watch Brit Awards. I started work on my costume for World Book Day and I had some lovely Mother's Day gifts. 

63  Sunday Had a lie in till 7.30am when grandchild joined us, then breakfast and into Worcester for coffee, lunch, shopping and feed the swans, while hubby and son went to see Dune at the cinema. Home to a roast and grandchild and I made an Easter Bonnet and they decorated a card for Mothers Day and sorted the gifts they'd chosen today and I'd bought, they left about 7pm. We settled down to watch One Day on Netflix. I immediately recognised the story from the movie with Anne Hathaway from 2011. 

Tired but happy grandparents saying our goodbyes.

Books read this week: 0 

Words written towards book: 1275

Clothes bought: Tights for World Book Day Costume £4

On the blog this week: The garden is getting itself ready for spring

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  1. Oh no! That's a shame you are having a rough time at work. I hope things improve soon.
    That did make me chuckle about you answering the door to Hello Fresh.
    Eek to the price of fixing your tooth. x

    1. Can't believe how expensive the dentists are these days

  2. Hopefully this week at work has started better than last week. How bizarre that Hello Fresh are going door to door. I think they're based in our town - or at least have a depot here. Nice you had grandchild and family over for a bit.

    1. not sure if the Hello Fresh visit was genuine or not, he had an apron and hat on

  3. Sorry to hear you had a rough day at work but nice that they sent you messages to check in on you. Oh wow that it is a lot to fix the tooth!

  4. The dental treatment is so expensive. I hope at least it will not be very painful as well.

    1. it'll be pain free as one has a root filling and the other is on an implant

  5. Sorry to hear you had a rubbish day at work but lovely that your staff team checked in to see if you were okay. The encounter at the door with the Hello Fresh rep made me chuckle. Hope you get your tooth sorted out quickly. Sounds like you had a lovely day with your grandchild. #project365

    1. Half way through sorting one of my teeth out.