Tuesday 5 March 2024

February 2024 - Days out in the camper van

We haven't travelled as far in February but we've had a lot of days out in the van. Despite the wet weather, we managed to pop the roof for the day and make full use of the Bobster at the beach in South Wales.

The migraine has been lingering, I'm stressed out with work, whilst I love my colleagues and ALL my students, I've had enough of the politics and my student sits their A levels this summer and despite being told I will have a job in September, I'd like some idea of what my role might be. I probably won't find out until the new school year starts. 

I've been doing a lot of sorting, reorganising and tidying as well as quite a lot of books and clutter being donated for arts/textile projects in school.

Autism training day at Worcester Cricket Club which hasn't faired well with the flooding.

Video calls with grandson and visits with other grandchild.

Friday night visits with mate and plenty of evenings and afternoons with colleagues.

Birthday lunch with child 1.

Pink Floyd Experience.

Lifts to work, getting lighter in the mornings.

Valentines treats for the kids in school.

In and out all the bloody time.

The cat is really needy at the moment.

Folded the curtains up so they don't get dirty when the sliding doors open on the Bobster.

Airing the Bobster and charging the leisure battery.

Barry Island.

I used to work for Henry Danter in the mid/late 80s at the arcade/cafe in Ross on Wye and in the night club as well as at Symonds Yat in the arcades. Fond memories.

Cliff top walk

So much room with the roof popped.

Exploring the rock pools.

Spot the Bobster from the beach.

Driving home in the rain.

A late Valentines for Pushkins.

Door open late afternoon, weather warming up.

Fire pit lit while I sit outside in the evenings.

A trip to Birmingham.

Lunch time treat.

Twinning, not planned, or discovered until we got to the restaurant and took our coats off.

We had another trip out to Gloucester to visit child 1 the last weekend in February which took us over 2 hours to reach with all the flooding. We were turned back at Upton upon Severn and at Maisemore, so ended up diverting through Tewkesbury. There were no warnings in advance, google wasn't very helpful and no diversion signs, just 'road ahead closed'

You get much better views from the van and it's easier to see on narrow country lanes when you get diverted, although we did come home via the M5.

Mum had her final eye appointment after surgery to have cataracts removed. No medical appointments for me this month, yippee. Cat got into a fight and had a limp for a couple of days, but vet avoided. Child 1's medical procedures postponed several times while the hospital staff get to grips with what her disability means in regards to 'cannot be reassured or calmed to insert cannula' 'needs pinning down for injection to sedate and holding while it takes effect'

All presents for March bought and wrapped, cards written. Easter gifts bought and cards made and ready to be distributed mid march onwards. Mum already had her Mother's Day gift, new shoes.



  1. Wow, so much fun in the Bobster. I recognised the Birmingham skyline straight away, taken from the market with the really old St Martin's and weird space like Selfridges in the Bull Ring. Yes, it's a place I know well. I haven't been to Barry Island for a very long time though, and I've been thinking about a visit for old times sake.

    1. We're travelling again in March, hopefully having our first camping in it