Monday 18 March 2024

Do you have an Easter Tree?

Are Easter trees a thing?

I've seen lots of sticks and twigs decorated with Easter eggs.

But I decided to bring down the small Christmas tree out of the attic and hang the Easter decorations on it instead of buying something new or spray painting branches and making something myself.

My husband thinks I'm mad. I probably am.

We'll be spending Easter in Northern Ireland. There are eggs for the adults and our grandson as well as some Easter activity crafts and the same for our other grandchild who we'll see before we go. There's an egg for the house sitter and one for her to share with the cat and the dog egg is coming with us to Northern Ireland for child 4's dogs.

There will be a trail for the neighbours kids when they come to visit to collect their eggs and I delivered eggs to my friend's kids over the weekend.

It's not just Christmas and Easter time that I decorate, I did Valentines last month and I love Halloween also. 

I took some decorations and cakes into school for my students for Valentines.

I did the same for Easter.

Do you decorate for Easter and other occasions? 


  1. I did think about getting an Easter tree a few years ago but my fella said no. It was during one of the Covid lockdowns so I think it was just boredom on my part. lol
    I've not even bought any Easter eggs this year, I need to get on to that.

    1. I bought my eggs early this year, not even eaten one (yet)

  2. We have Easter Eggs and I've a thing that we don't give them to the people we're with until the Sunday (unless we see people in advance) - but no easter decorations here. I like the idea of spring decorations, but I probably wouldn't get around to that either :D #PoCoLO

    1. Yes, we waited till the Sunday before handing out the eggs