Monday 18 March 2024

2024 Week 11 One Daily Positive, Project 365 and A Selfie a Day


71  Monday I'm so tired all the time, hopefully B12 jab will take effect quickly on Wednesday. Left work mid morning with a migraine that just isn't shifting. Spent the rest of the day until 6pm in bed, mostly asleep.

72  Tuesday Off work. Most of the day spent in bed sleeping, I couldn't focus on reading. I cooked myself some lunch and struggled to eat it as I was so tired. Max meds taken by 4pm. Sat outside in the sun late afternoon, then bath, fresh pjs and bed by 8pm.

73  Wednesday Back into work via the GP for my B12 jab, wrong day, it's tomorrow. Peter collected me and we went for a coffee. Home absolutley exhausted, evening spent in front of TV, blogging and reading.

74  Thursday Into work via B12 jab, mentioned to nurse that the cream for the Bowens Disease (skin cancer) on leg doesn't appear to be working, need to contact the skin clinic as the treatment isn't working. The nurse has also suggested I have the B12 jabs every 8 weeks. Went for a coffee with a couple of colleagues after work and posted Easter parcel to Great Niece. Home for dinner, TV, bath and bed.

75  Friday Wear something red to work for Comic Relief. Home at 3.30pm with the most horrendous migraine, took maximum pills and bed for 2 hours. Work colleague popped by whilst dog walking, Peter just let her in having never met her before and she flew through the door with the dog dragging her in. Peter was expecting my friend who arrived 20 mins later. It took a while for us to register what was going on. 

76  Saturday Nail bar mid morning, then train into Worcester for St Patricks Day bottomless brunch with work colleagues, home at 9pm and straight to bed. Had a fab evening, they told everyone it was my birthday and I had to do different challenges to earn us all free shots. I planked and did an Irish jig. It's not my birthday.

77  Sunday Up early and off on an Easter Egg run. Called in at child 1, mums, grandchild then various friends in Monmouth and the Forest of Dean. Home at 8pm. Lovely to have caught up with so many people, even though each visit was short.

Books read this week: A Death in the Parish - The Reverend Richard Coles.

Words written towards book: 1266

Clothes bought: Red tights £8 M&S Children's section aged 13-14 (perfect fit)

On the blog this week: Does owning things make you happy?

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  1. It sounds like you have had a rough start to the week, I hope you are feeling less tired now.
    hahaha! It sounds like you had fun on Saturday. x

  2. So sorry that you’ve been suffering with migraines as well as the tiredness. Hope that the B12 jab has kicked in now and you’re feeling better. The St Patrick’s Day bottomless brunch sounded like fun. How funny that your colleagues said it was your birthday! #project365

    1. Thank you, I'm feeling a lot better this week

  3. Hope your B12 has perked you up a bit, and the migraines ease down. That work 'birthday' session sounds funny (although I have to say I'm a bit boring and would have died with embarrassment at having to do 'tasks'.

  4. Hope the B12 has kicked in now and you are less tired. The girls school did nothing for comic relief this year for some reason

    1. I think the B12 is working a little. I don't think our school joined in last year, I can't remember doing it.