Friday 2 April 2010

Opportunities missed

I really think that people who use Twitter as a self publicity post are missing out an awful lot.
If you're a celebrity, footballer etc or in a high profile job why not just come on Twitter and be yourself.
I could be a celebrity, for those of you have met me you'll know I'm not, but what would be the point of me being here if all I had was hundreds and thousands of followers, all thinking they know me without any interaction back.
Yes, I Tweet about my job, but if you read my timeline you'll see there are many other things I get up to in my life and I'm sure celebrities are exactly the same.
I have kids that wind we up and get in trouble at school. A husband that works away from home and winds me up when he is here (I love him dearly of course.)
I have worked out many a frustration on Twitter, helped others and been helped in difficult situations. Been sent ((*hugs*)) when I'm feeling low and had some of the best laughs of my life on here. Just ask @iaingilmour, @procphil, @batonabike, @beachhut81, @pennynash for example.
If I was a celebrity and I let you all know, I wouldn't be able to be me for fear of my ups and downs being released to the media.
So come on celebs get on Twitter and just be you. You'll meet some lovely people on here, make friends, tweet up and hopefully make us all laugh and cry in the process.
And if you're really lucky you too will meet a @mediocre_mum to share your most special tweets with.


  1. Lovely post mate, and to the point as ever! :-)

  2. If I were a celeb on Twitter I would not use my real name, I often see them being hounded to retweet stuff etc and they seem to get a fair bit of abuse sadly. But I think it would be a great place to lose yourself and make true friends etc.