Wednesday 14 April 2010

Politics - My take on it all - It's really not fair

I've been out of work in the past when I've had children or we've moved but have only ever claimed benefits on two occasions and both times was due to an injury at work.

In 1995 I was assaulted by an adult with learning difficulties, due to poor staffing levels suffering injury to my neck and 2006 again due to poor staffing levels, this time I was bitten by a student with autism.

The first time I was out of work for 6 months and in the end the company let me go as I was not fit for work. I went to tribunal was re-instated then handed in my notice and claimed disability benefit. After a further 3 months, I was told I was no longer entitled to benefits and had to return to work. I managed to get on a training scheme and did a NVQ level 3 in child care. I decided, with help from Unison to sue my employers for negligence. By the time my case was heard in 2001, I was awarded £8,000 for loss of earning and £7,000 for the actual injury....good you in summing up I was informed that the payout would have been in tens of thousands of pounds if I'd sat on my arse and done nothing for 5 years, but I had been retrained and started a new career.

In 2006 whilst working with students with autism I was badly bitten on my right arm, the skin was broken and I had a secondary infection. This came 3 months after the air ambulance had to maneuver me down a spiral staircase on a back board after falling over a piece of equipment in the same work place.....I handed my notice in and left...guess what couldn't make a claim for unemployment benefit and as the accident had worsened my neck I made a claim for incapacity benefit....despite receiving regular treatment from Dudley hospital and being on medication...guess what? after 3 months they decided I was fit for work. At this point I had decided further my education and I took out a student loan to do my teacher training.

Two years after completing my teacher trainer I decided that I really didn't enjoy teaching so I applied to work in Child protection. I also started a degree in Psychology and Criminology with The OU which is costing me £800 per unit, there are 6 units in total.

So imagine now my frustration at having to pay for my youngest sons education, additional costs in further education for both my step son and eldest plus £20 week in travel costs as their chosen courses were not available near home.

Well now it is time for the General election and finding it difficult to understand why we put up with Labour for so long.

I don't have kids under 5, my children have nearly finished their free education, I've already fought the education system twice now to get my children into their 1st choice school, have never qualified for tax credits as we are not low waged, both Peter and I have private pensions, mine taken out when I was 18 and a AVC.

The only trouble with this is where are they getting the money from so what are the hidden 'things' my family will lose out on?

You'll be pleased to know this blog is now at an end. What about the other parties and their policies? Well, I believe this is another two horse race and it has taken me so long to locate the two links above on the internet and wound me up so much I may blog something which I later regret.

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  1. You have no idea how pleased I am to read something about politics that is not just Tory bashing!
    I am in total agreement with you that the benefits system needs sorting, desperately. It's ridiculous as it is, those committing benefit fraud live in luxury and those that honestly can't work can get nothing. Makes me so mad!
    Well done on all the training though :)