Wednesday 7 April 2010

Tell me something I don't know, or get off my twitter

Twitter is an interactive website. Tell me something funny and I'll retweet, tell me something of interest and I'll retweet, tell me something that raises my kudos, I'll retweet, but tell me the same old stuff that you are telling everyone else on the news, on the radio, in the newspapers and on bill boards and I'll ignore.
Stop using comedians like Rory Bremmner to promote the way the news channel is going to vote. Stop using work experience kids to design more unnecessary graphics.

If I want the information I will go and look for it. We are continually being warned by everyone, don't buy off the doorstep, check for the 14/21 day cooling off period. How to stop junk mail,(which all goes straight to recycling in my house) how to stop unsolicited telephone calls, (they go unanswered) then lo and behold the political parties go and so all the things they advice us not to do.

And if you dare ask me to join your group on Facebook, what do I get for doing it? I already know which way I'm going to vote. I'm not American so therefore I'm not voting for the individual so save your time and your money promoting yourself.

Stop focusing on Motorway Man or Worcester Woman, tell me what you're going to do for me and nothing else. But I won't be asking you the questions through any form of digital media because you won't reply. I'll come and find you at a Q&A session in my local constituency.

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  1. Good Post, are you really getting twitter doorstopped by politicians?