Saturday 17 April 2010

Step sons take on the Election

My step son, is 20 and is in the British Army based in Germany. He is in the REME. He constantly moans about the lack of equipment and how when he requests stuff he has to wait for it.

The polling cards arrived today. Three. One for me, hubby and eldest who turns 18 on the 1st May. Hubby immediately got defensive and asked where his sons card was. I explained I had deregistered him at this address so he could vote whilst in Germany so not to waste his vote.
He said he wasn't effing voting as it was a joke and that was that.

Well here came my mistake. I asked him how he thought changes could be made unless he took part.

His response was 'all I care about is the army and that's that'
I asked him where he thought the money comes from to fund the army and who sends these young kids to their death without the right equipment.

His response was 'I didn't vote for this bunch of tossers'
I 'tried' to explain to him that he had the chance to do something about it.

His response was 'What the f*** would you know about it, get off my case. It's my life and I'll do what I want with it'

Fair comment, however, who does he call when he needs a flight home? Who bloody pays for it?
Who sorted out his stolen car? and the insurance? and the police? and drove for 3 hours to do it?
Who sorts out his bank account? Mobile phone? Helped him get rid of his debts?

Me, that's who.

Support from hubby 'you know what he's like why do you get involved?'

Hmmmm yeah thank you. Some help hubby was he just walked off. So yes another night ruined, same old same old and guess what? It's not my fault the bloody volcano erupted and he can't fly home tonight. I've rebooked his flight for him on Sunday as it was the earliest one available so only another 48 hours. I feel some retail therapy coming on.


  1. I feel your frustration, how can people moan when they dont vote??
    Bloody teenagers you just cant reason with them! dont let it get you down, sounds like he is just not appreciating what you do for him..x


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  4. I grew up in a house like that for years! I kinda understand what your going through! My brother I swear had some kinda mental problem , would fly off the handle & get really aggressive. Used to try throwing scissors and knives at me. Would psychically try beating me up , constantly kicking my bedroom door down ... But the thing that made it all worse was My Mother's reaction : You know what he's like.

    That was the worst thing about it all.. she could clearly see what he was like but never helped me! I hated her whenever she said , You know what he's like!

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