Monday 19 April 2010

The Volcano and what it means to me

I am fed up of hearing 'news' stories of this bloody volcano and peoples stories of survival, how they are stranded in hotels, on holidays and without medication.

Ok here goes.

If you are reading this and you are one of these's no ones fault.

It's an act of no you can't claim off your are being re-booked free of charge and they will get you home.

If you've run out of're not in space....a local Doctor or Hospital will sort you have insurance and if you live in the UK and are in Europe you should have your E111 card with you. (If you don't have your E111 or have taken out insurance, then it's your own fault.)

My step son should've flown back to army barracks on Sunday evening and yes the weekend was frought tryiong to get information on the phone/internet...then I thought about it and rang his barracks up so they knew he was trying to get home...was told to tell him to enjoy the extended break and keep in touch with ETA.

At this point I relaxed re-booked his flight for Wednesday, hubby has taken him to Manchester this morning as he has work and they will stay up there till there is a flight available.

However, this morning his Sargent rang as he is now AWOL because he hasn't followed the emergency procedure and rang the Serg himself...although it is noted I rang the barracks, as he is 20 and an adult it is his responsibility not mine....which I did say at the time..but no one listened to me.

Have just been informed that due to the number of service men and women away from barracks the army will be providing transport to return them to their bases....I suggested he could return to a local base and his Sarg said if you've had enough of him then just do that and I'll issue the rollicking next time I see him.


  1. I reckon that's the best option. Get him sent off to the local base and let his Sarg deliver the rollicking. The army guys I know are good at whipping the young guys into shape!! He's been enough grief for you, heaven knows!

  2. Send him off packing! And then enjoy some wine (lots of wine!)xx