Tuesday 1 January 2013

Life without Pain

In September 2012 I had day surgery on my neck to have the nerves burnt off that have been giving me so much pain for the past 15 years after an assualt at work.

Living in constant pain has drained me, restricted my activites and actually prevented me from doing certain things.

I've suffered deliberating headaches and migraines and have been hospitialised on too many occassions when the migraines have mimicked menegitius. Migraines also knocked me out for 3-4 days twice a month. Visual disturbances, vomiting, sensitive to light and touch and the inability to operate above an immediate need.

I'm now in my third month of being pain free, not one migraine, even after a return trip to the UK, spending 12 hours sitting in a confined space, 3 weeks of lugging suitcases, sleeping on sofas and pull out beds.

The operation wasn't easy. I was in theatre under a general anaesthetic, had the most severe head pain imaginable then spent a week in bed unable to lift my head off the pillow.

I still can't use a tin opener or write for any length of time without severe cramps and pain in my wrists and fingers and working above my head is difficult(hanging out the washing) but I can sit in a car for 2 days and drive to Cape Town and back. I can sit in the cinema for 90 minutes to watch a movie without coming out in tears from the pain of sitting still. I can scramble over rocks without the fear of causing more damage if I fell, haul myself up using ropes on a ship.

Over Christmas I've experienced continious pain in my wrists and a niggle in my left shoulder, so I guess I made need to go back sooner rather than later for the next stage. Thanks to medical aid that wouldn't pay for the whole treatment in one go. I'm really not looking forward to going throat again, but compared to how I was for the past 15 years, it's a small price to pay, even if they can't cure the chronic pain, being migraine free is amazing.

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  1. I understand chronic pain, pain is a daily battle for me. I can't remember the last pain free day that I have had. It is good to hear that the surgery worked for you, though being down for an entire work with more pain, I'm not sure if I could do it.