Thursday 31 January 2013

When did I become a woman in her 40's?

June 2011 was when I turned 40 but no one mentioned it until last week

I went to the opticians, I don't need glasses, apparently my eye sight is very good for a woman in her 40's. That afternoon I went to get my eye brows waxed and the beautician said my skin was very good for a woman in her 40's. At least she didn't ask if I wanted my upper lip waxing.

I was mortified, I'm in my 40's, the only way is down now. I've had grey hair on my head since my mid 20's, but down below? Arrrggghh when did that happen? The middle aged spread has spread out of control and I've now worked out a plan to stop it spreading further. I wear factor 50 suncream daily, mind you it's hot here, so stared to rub it on the back of my hands after washing them throughout the day, to reduce the scrawny skin

I don't have bingo wings yet? But have started to wave with my arm by myside in case the time comes when I slap people in the face as they walk past.

I stand in front of the mirror and see my Mum. Not my Mum as she was in her 40's but my Mum as she is now at nearly 70. Mind you if I reach my 70's and look as fab as she does now I will be happy, but I don't want to look like her now.

I never noticed my 30's, I was a young Mum with kids and prior to having them I was never skinny, I've had this set of boobs since I was 15 and despite 3 kids they are pretty much the same size, just shaped differently, with a fair amount escaping around the sides and they do need alot more support than they used to.

I sleep for max 6hrs a night and remember my gran telling me that she used to get 8 hrs nightly but by the time she was in her 70's 4hrs was enough for her.

s there anything left for me to look forward to? I have gum disease, it's hereditary, so good bye teeth. Also gall bladder, thyroid, diabeties, heart disease, but no varicose veins, which I suppose I should be greatful for?

So what next? Nothing I tell you, I'll carry on plodding along married to a fabulous man who at 55 is aging gracefully, as men do (bastard) reminding how greatful he should be to be married to a much younger women (his midlife crisis) whilst deciding on what to do for mine.

Can't afford a sports car......can't keep up with hubby as it is, without the hassle of finding a toy boy, don't fancy a tattoo. *opens the gin*

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