Saturday 5 January 2013

2013 Groovy Mums

Well Kate over on her #Groovymum blog is getting the year off to a flying start. She seems to have a plan for the year rather than a list of resolutions that we know we'll all break anyway. I've a vague idea of what I'm doing for 2013, but currently I don't have any firm plans. However I do have an order of things to do and I'm hoping by writing them down, I'll think of a few ways to implement them. 1. STOP SMOKING OK you've heard this before. I actually stopped smoking in September 2012 and stupidly (nicotine addicted) had the occassional one in November and I'm now a full time smoker. Back to the Doctors on Friday for a repeat prescription for Champix and THIS time I will take the full course. 2. WORK I can't work here....FULL STOP....But I can and have been volunteering with a shoebox project (taking over assistant coordinator role this year) and with @kwo_org supporting adults with disabilities. But there is so much more I could and will be doing so I'm writing this list to motivate me. Tweet more on their behalf, make an effort to find out what is going on Set up Blog for Kungwini Welfare Organisation (any offers?) Put together lesson plans for Sex Education, Basic Lifeskills Make and market more bags, childrens toys, plant holders and kitchen utensil holders and accessories Fix two days a week to visit and stick to it, treat it like a job 3. SEWING See above and MAKE THE BLOODY CURTAINS 4. TIDY/SORT Sort out the family photos, the childrens keep sake boxes, wardrobes, toys, take all unwanted items to KWO 5.MAKE THINGS See 2&3 I had a Dremel for Christmas I want to make some photo frames 6. CLIMB KILIMANJARO Feel free to join in if you ahve any plans and what you're intending to do for 2013 and check back with Kate and on my blog to find out how we are all getting along.

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  1. As I said last time, I sense you moving forwards and feeling better for it. Loving your plan. Making a difference to you and them and plenty of blog fodder too. Happy New Year!